Teanna Trump Is The Reason Modern Women Will Die Alone



Over 80 Men Pennetrated Her Before She Graduated High School

Recently, Teanna Trump admitted to having sexual intercourse with more than 80 men before she graduated high school. Teanna Trump is a female adult porn actress who began making sexually explicit videos by age 19. She has starred in over 130 porn films and even admitted to having a sexual relationship with an NBA player when she was just 16. If there was a national spokesperson for the phrase “no shame in my game” it would be Teanna Trump. And while she is seuxally desired by many men all over the world, I will explain in this article why she, and other modern women who behave like her, will end up in a nursing home ultimately dying alone with no one to check on them. Women who decided to live a sexually promiscuous lifestyle, especially an open seuxally promiscuous lifestyle, are burying themselves and their potential to ever find genuine love and stability.


Pair Bonding Is Critical For A Sustained Partnership

Reason number one has to do with biology. Women who have been penetrated by multiple men lose the ability to pair bond. According to a scholarly book titled Hormone, Brain and Behavior it states ” Pair bonding is an evolved trait and may play a critical role in reproduction, as well as in individual and species survival. The neurobiology of pair bonding or other forms of social affiliation are most readily understood in this context. The proximate mechanisms underlying various forms of positive social behaviors, including pair bonding and maternal–infant behavior, rely on common neural and endocrine systems. At the heart of pair bonding are neural systems dependent on peptides, including oxytocin, vasopressin, opioids, CRH, and related hormones. Steroid hormones, although not directly essential for pair bonding, may facilitate and modulate these behaviors. Neuropeptides also serve to coordinate the autonomic and endocrine consequences of positive social experiences with behavioral states that support the formation and maintenance of social bonds.” What this means is that in order for a sustained and successful relationship a man and a woman must be able to pair bond with one another.

Her Biology Has Doomed Her

Due to the biology and physcology of women, once they are initially penetrated by a man they immediately begin the pair bonding process. However, after a woman has had multiple sex partners she becomes psychologically unable to form a pair bond due to internal conflicts regarding the variety of partners who have entered her. She can only pair bond with one man, yet she has had many men and is unable to select a partner for a maintained relationship over the long haul. A woman like Teanna Trump, who has bedded over 100 men, doesn’t not have a snowflake’s chance in hell to develop a pair bond with a man for a long term and successful relationship. Deep down inside she understands this, she may not realize why she will never be able to have a successful pair bonding experience, but she knows that monogamy, for her, is off the table. The psychological damage done by sexually promiscuous women, especially women in the adult entertainment industry, is unforgiving and permanent. There is a reason why many women who have done porn in the past always come out telling younger women not to get into the industry. However, millions of women all over the world do just this every day. Men, however, don’t pair bond in the same manner that women do. This is why men can have multiple sex partners over the years, but can still settle down and marry one woman and bond with her. For men, the pair bonding experience is not only formed through sex, rather it is formed through time spent together and moments shared. As the saying goes, a key that can open many locks is a master key, but a lock that can be opened by any key is just a terrible lock.


The Long Term Effects Of Promiscuity

Losing the ability to pair bond is one of the worst mistakes that a woman can make that she doesn’t even know about. This does not mean that a woman can’t have a relationship, or marriage, after being “sexually free,” but this does mean that she will never be able to have the deep internal bond and connection with her partner that comes through her first sexual experience with him. And more often than not, the relationship will eventually fail and she will go off to the next man looking for something which she doesn’t know she has already lost years ago. This is why many cultures had women inspected before they were married off to ensure that they were indeed virgins. Some men puritain cultures even had their daughters wear chastity belts to make sure that they were virgins before being married off. In modern times we would consider this to be torture and abuse, but many years ago it was the norm. It was done as a way of protecting women from themselves to ensure that they don’t end up alone and unwed. The baggage that comes with a woman being sexually open to the world is much. Kids, STI’s, crazie exes, and unreasonable expectations in the bed room are only a few.


Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

The other reason why Teanna Trump and women like her end up in senior centers eating Jello alone is because of societal stigmas, which make it impossible for anyone to take her seriously as a life partner in a relationship, or marriage. Men are very prideful and oftentimes evaluate their self-worth based on who they can attain as a wife. No man wants to be publicly known as the clean up man. Men are very territorial and they want the world to know what is theirs, and what other men can’t have. When a man discovers that the sexual escapades of a woman are publicly available for all to see (porn) they immediately develop a sour taste in their mouth. You may see many men proclaim that they want a woman like Teanna Trump, however, rest assured that they do not want to marry Teanna Trump, nor have kids with her. They only want to have sex with her, either for the bragging rights, or for the experience, or both. Any man who has worked hard to attain their wealth and status in life will not publicly deal with women like Teanna Trump, and that is why she is relegated to purgatory in terms of a relationship and marriage. She will always be stuck in a place between being alone and successfully married. The CEO of a fortune 500 company will sleep with her in a hotel room where no one knows him, but he will never embrace  her in public or take her home to meet his parents due to her public sexual deviancy. If he had her and he had her and he had her and he had her then I don’t want her. This is what the majority of men think when they encounter a woman like Teanna Trump. This is why modern women how behave like her are doomed in regards to a sustained marriage and will inevitably end up in a nursing home dying alone and unwed.


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