Ten Ad Campaigns That Involved Rappers

One aspect you need to be good at in order to be a successful entertainer is knowing your business. It’s fair to say that selling music is not a lifetime thing but if you’re deep in the business world, you might just keep yourself set for life.

Below you will find ten rappers that never missed an opportunity to start in ad campaigns while associating their character with some of the weirdest products in the market. Some of them are quite hilarious now but every dollar counts, right?

10. Kanye West, The Game and Ludacris – For Boost Mobile (2006)

This ad throws Kanye, Game and Luda in the same studio . The result is a fire track that should have been released as a single and a great commercial.

9. Jay-Z & 50 cent – For Reebok (2003)

Another example of “how money talks”. Even if they weren’t best friends, Jay and 50 let their differences aside and represented their own Reebok collections (S.Carter & G-Unit) for this epic commercial.

7. Redman – For Karl Kani (1999)

One of the funnies commercials has Redman dropping bombs on a beat so hard that in the end everything just freezes so you can “Get Kani in your life”.

6. Mos Def – For Jordan XVI (2001)

This is definitely a collaboration that wasn’t expected. Mos Def was one of the hardest underground MC’s while Jordan was a global brand. That still did not stop them from creating this masterpiece.

5. Ice Cube – For Nike SB (2009)

This commercial has such a sweet vibe to it that you might get tricked and think it was released with the song. Even Cube with his lowrider can be seen in it along other stars such as Kobe Bryant.

4. 50 Cent – For Vitamin Water (2007)

Another double win for 50.Everybody had a good laugh at this crazy mix but probably 50 Cent was laughing the hardest when he cashed that reported, over 100 million check.

3.Rick Ross – For Nike (2010)

A 20 seconds ad that had us all wondering where we could get a chain with our face that has a chain with our face to it. After realizing that’s kind of spicy priced, at least we could get some Nikeys. BOOM!

2.Kanye West – For Absolut (2008)

This crazy commercial shows some pills that can transform anyone in Kanye in combination with Absolut Vodka. We’d probably have a lot more music, fashion and rants in our lives, but thinking about poor Taylor Swift, I’m glad there was only one Kanye that interrupted her.

1. Run DMC for Adidas (1987)

“My Adidas” is the song that started it all. This is the point where marketing executives realized the great potential of rappers in commercials. The union has been made and celebrated with this 20 seconds ad that opened the way for so much more.

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