Ten Minutes Of Foreplay – Part One

So, I dated a Nigerian lady in 2018. She’s one of those women with high libido. She’s married. But you know, she needs an outside dick to be sexually satisfied. Lol. It was December 2018. Five days into our relationship, we booked a hotel. The first day, we entered the hotel and she was somehow feeling shy.

I pulled off my boxer’s shorts and told her to pull off, too. She pulled off, shyly. She’s about twelve years older than I am, tall, fair, and beautiful. She has a backside that is wide and that sticks out beautifully. She is very endowed at the back. I have been eyeing her for the past three years. But eventually, I approached her in 2018.

She pulled off. I got hold of her breasts. She held my dick and stroked it.😜 My tongue was on her boobs and she’s already moaning. She is a type of lady that gets easily aroused just by tickling her boobs or stimulating her clitoris.

Ten minutes of foreplay and she’s already begging me to fuck her. I told her not yet time because I was prepared to set her whole body on fire before drilling her. When I told her it wasn’t yet time, her voice changed to pleading. She held me passionately and told me she was fully ready for me to enter her honeywell.

She was already heaving and begging me to fuck her. I finally agreed. I inserted my dick and fucked her like a pro. She held me tightly and was encouraging me to fuck her like a prostitute. She told me to drive her mercilessly. Jesus!

After fucking her missionary style. I rested a bit and then raised her two legs up. Her pussy was looking at me straight in the eyes. I slid my dick in. I didn’t know what came over me that day because the energy in me was just too much.

I started fucking her like a horse. The bed was shaking. She was vibrating too. At a point, her eyes were wide open and she was looking like a possessed witch, like she was going to have convulsions. I just kept on knacking her madly because that was an indication that she was enjoying it.

She was calling my name and rubbing my head. Hearing her moaning my name, my head kept swelling and the tempo increased. Nothing feels better than a woman calling your name and moaning in pleasure.

She was just like a little baby under me, because I have raised her legs up and kept firing her shots. The sound fat-fat-fat-fat-fat kept coming. By the time I removed my dick from her pussy, come and see discharge. My dick was all covered in white fluid. Her pussy was wet and covered in fluid, too.

We disengaged and both laid on the bed, breathing and resting. But that’s not the end. Everytime I fuck her, she will always be the one booking for the next appointment, even before leaving the hotel room, because she enjoys my drilling. She will say: ‘So, when next are we meeting?’ And I’ll just respond ‘anytime soon’.

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