Ten Minutes Of Foreplay – Part Two

In the part one of this article, I told you how she will always book the next appointment after dicking her very well. There was a time she called me and suggested that we should have a timetable for sex. I asked her how she wanted it and she said she’s okay with everyday. I thought she was joking. I told her that is too much for me and she later said we should be fucking five times in a week. In my head, I was already thinking that this lady wants to kill me. Is she the only one I’ll be fucking all my life?

So, I told her three or two times in a week. She’s not happy about it and she showed it on her face. I made her realize that fucking is not an easy work, especially when it is done everyday. I later lied that I may not always have the money to book hotel everytime. And we finally agreed on three times in a month. But anytime I’m horny, I’ll call her and we’ll meet and fuck.

However, there is something about this lady. Her buttocks are so firm you’ll think she has never fucked in her entire life. One time, I told her I’ll be the one to use my dick to soften her buttocks. We joked and smiled about it and she said she would love that.

I won’t lie, I enjoye the lady and we are still fucking occasionally. The only thing is that she doesn’t allow me to fuck her doggy style. That’s why I always raise her legs up. I get easily tired of missionary. I’ll raise up her two legs and fuck her like a pro until she cums.

And you know the funny thing, her husband knows me. She told her husband that I’m her colleague at work. And the fact that she is about twelve years older than I am makes her husband think I am just like a younger brother to her. Her husband sees me as her younger brother who is just her friend. But secretly, I keep dicking her.

The lady has got a very crazy back side. Enough to make a man crazy. And she was so fresh. If you see her legs, you’ll want to have a taste of her. It took me three years to get under her pants. And you know something surprising? She doesn’t like me using condoms when fucking her. Anytime we fuck, she always insist on flesh to flesh, no condoms. And I’d pour inside her like icecream. But sometimes, I use withdrawal method. She enjoys it that way.

I told her at one time that I don’t want to impregnate her. She said there is nothing bad about it. She was ready to have a child for me. She said we’ll keep it a secret. I told her the child will resemble me and she said that doesn’t matter. She told me she’s even ready to meet my mum and tell her about us, but we’ll keep it a secret for her husband. It was then I knew that some women have a strong mind.

We are in this world to eat, drink, fuck, and then die. The God that created pussy and dick knows that people must fuck. God knows we need sex. He understands that we must bang. That is why He gave us our private parts. If you don’t experiment, you are missing out in life. Everyone is free to bang whoever they want to bang privately.

You see, presently, my life is an experiment. All of us are an experiment in the laboratory of the Almighty. He does whatever He wants with us. So, we don’t need to be too afraid. Death is inevitable. Living your utmost life is enjoyable.

Most people keep disturbing themselves with karma when it comes to sex. They’ll say if you fuck another man’s wife, they will fuck your wife too. What if I don’t marry? That karma bitch doesn’t exist. It’s a lie. If karma existed, people who do good all the time should have the best life. But look at karma, he sometimes make good people suffer. So, please, just eat, drink, fuck, and die.

Those of you who are single guys here, only God knows the kind of lady you’ll marry eventually. She might have been seriously fucked by some people before finally coming your way. What’s your sin? Does her coming your way mean you have done something wrong in the past? We are victims of circumstances. Everyone of us.

There is no karma. It’s good to do what is right all the time. But doing what is right all the time doesn’t mean you won’t have problems in this world. So, sit down, unlearn what you have been taught and relearn yourself. Jesus Christ was a good person. Pure. Humble. Righteous. He was eventually killed by bad people. Bad things happen to good people. It is not karma. It’s not about what they have done in the past. We are all victims of circumstances.

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