Ten Rappers Who Didn’t Take Advantage Of Their Record Deals

Record deals can make or break your career as an artist. Most times, rappers are praying for a deal that will put them in the position of power to record their music.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, here are ten rappers that got dropped by their labels and lost their record deal.

Trinidad James (Def Jam)

Trinidad James came through in the music scene like a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately for the Atlanta rapper, things didn’t go as planned after his first single success. On the verge of recording his second studio album, James was dropped by his label Def Jam and ended up not having enough cash to pay for the beats.

Chief Keef (Interscope and everywhere else)

Chief Keef was the youngest on the rise from Chicago when Interscope hit him with a $6 million contract that would’ve probably turned him into one of the richest self-made teenagers in the USA – if completed. Giving that Keef was so young (16 years old), he only surrounded himself with close friends and family instead of businessmen. He couldn’t handle the pressure and he ended up losing the deal.

His second label deal was also a failure and currently the Chicago rapper lives in Cali trying to pick up his career.

Gucci Mane (Warner Bros)

Gucci Mane is currently one of the biggest rappers in the game but he could’ve been even bigger if he managed to complete his record deal with Warner Bros.

Sadly for Gucci, drug problems and poor business decisions led him to the jail while almost losing his music career. He’s out now and he’s doing better than ever so props for making a strong comeback.

Azealia Banks (Interscope and everywhere else)

After releasing her hit single “212”, the New York female rapper was on the rise while having major labels right at her feet.

She ended up signing with Interscope but due to her poor behavior and attitude, the deal was lost. Wu Tang, frontman RZA tried to give Banks another shot but she ended up messing that up as well. The rest will probably remain just history.

Papoose (Jive)

A few years ago Papoose had great potential to be the next rapper to blow up from New York. Pap’ knew how to rhyme, he had a dope crew backing him up and no serious beefs to drag him. But when time came to take his music to the next level, things just didn’t work out.

The rapper is still active in the game so hopefully, he’s capable of making a comeback.

EVE (Aftermath)

EVE was on already on a rise when Aftermath signed her and with Dr Dre by her side, things could only get better. Unfortunately, carrying the Aftermath label isn’t that easy and things didn’t work out between EVE and the label.

Cassidy (Kross Over Entertainment)

Cassidy never really felt like the type of rapper to be part of a label. The man did his thing independently but when the right time came he saw a good opportunity in signing with Kross Over Entertainment.

Cas’ never did much with his new associates and he left out quick to carry on as a free artist.

Chingy (Disturbing tha Peace)

Chingy was quickly signed by Ludacris after Luda saw the potential in him. The rising rapper never really disappointed with his music but eventually, he ran out of hits.

Now Chingy is just a thing of the past and he will probably remain the same for good.

Busta Rhymes (Cash Money Records)

Right when Busta Rhymes’ boat was about to sink, Birdman decided to get him under the Cash Money umbrella. His debt was paid out and Busta was now a free artist ready to record new music.

With no new hits in his portfolio, Cash Money ended up cutting him loose.

Tyga (Young Money/Cash Money)

Tyga was one of the hottest rappers in the game when he decided to get into a feud with his labels. Lil Wayne was already beefin’ with Baby for his moula so apparently, Tyga thought he could jump in the fire.

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