Ten Rappers /R&B Artists With Insane Tabloid Stories

Celebrities never disappoint when it comes to delivering a good tabloid story, but these ten rappers went beyond any expectations when it comes to their tales.

Check out the rappers that shocked the fans with their behaviour.

1. Ol’ Dirty Bastard Limo Ride

ODB ‘s dossier is beyond impressive with felonies including shootouts with the NYPD, selling of illegal drugs, shoplifting, and failures to pay child support. But on top of all those stories there is one that happened in 1995 when followed by an MTV crew, he took a limousine to the Welfare Office for food stamps.

2. R’ Kelly’s Sex-tape and Scandal

One of the most well-known scandals started when a sex tape showing R. Kelly and an underage girl surfaced. Besides the already mentioned troubles, the tape allegedly shows R. Kelly urinating on the underage victim.

3. Akon and the Pastor’s Daughter

2007 brought some troubles upon Akon after a concert in Trinidad. The rapper admitted that he had a bit too much fun and ended up too close to an underage girl who also happened to be a pastor daughter. Even though Akon said that the club was supposed to be over 21 only, he apologised for the incident after he began to lose sponsorship due to the incident.

4. Diddy Midtown Shooting

Headlines were made across the country in 2001 after Diddy’s driver turned him and his protégé Shyne in, accusing the mogul that he tried to bribe him to take a weapon that was used on December 27 in Club New York when a gunfire broke out.

5. Lil’ Mama’s Stage Crash

MTV Awards always brought the best out of entertainment so in 2009 while Jay-Z was performing his hit “Empire State of Mind” with Alicia Keys, everyone was taken by surprise when their performance was interrupted by Lil’ Mama.

To end things on the same note, she also took a pose near the two artists as the song ended making things even more awkward than they already were.

6. Eminem’ s DeAngelo Bailey Verdict

Marshall usually tends to dramatise his troubled past which is also a part of his recipe for success. In the song called “Brain Damage”, Em leashes out to detail the abuse that his bully, DeAngelo Bailey caused him.

Although Bailey admitted to bullying Marshall, in 2001 he sued Em for slander. The case was hilariously dismissed by Judge Deborah Servitto in 2003 with some rap lines:

“Mr Bailey complains that his rap is trash
So he’s seeking compensation in the form of cash.
Bailey thinks he’s entitled to some monetary gain
Because Eminem used his name in vain.
The lyrics are stories no one would take as fact
They’re an exaggeration of a childish act.”

7. Big Lurch – The Cannibal

One of the most horrific scenes ever encountered happened in 2002 when an LA resident saw a naked Lurch covered in blood standing in the street just watching the sky.

After police reached the house of Lurch and found a woman with her torso open, lungs chewed up and teeth marks on her face, Big Lurch was sentenced to life in prison, even though he pleaded insanity.

8. Houston’s Eye

After his hit single “I like that” brought him to star status, rapper Houston also known as Edward Summers began to contemplate more often on suicide and he even attempted leaping out a window.

He was then locked in a first-floor room for his safety, but when his bodyguard entered to check on him an saw blood on the floor, he knew something was wrong. Houston had taken his eye out with a plastic fork in an attempt to “get the devil off his back”.

9. Kanye West at the VMA’s

One of the most remembered moments in the music industry happened during the 2009 VMA’s while Taylor Swift was accepting her award. Kanye then stormed the stage and took her mic to let the world know that Beyonce’s video was “one of the best videos of all time”.

10. Chris Brown

One of the most recent feuds consists of Chris Brown being accused by model Baylee Curran saying he threatened her with a weapon. While Chris was stuck in the house as SWAT teams arrived, he allegedly was part of a dramatic standoff.


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