Ten Worst Performance Shoes Ever Invented

You know you made it in when you receive an offer to design your own shoe or even a line of shoes. From Jordan to Lebron, all the greats had their own “walkers” on the field inspired by their life. But sometimes the high demand, quick and poor execution alongside the growing market and saturation make it hard to deliver. Here is a list of ten shoes that failed to make an impact or at least, the wanted impact.
10. Glen Rice Nautica Competition

Taking home the All Star MVP award back in ’97 made Glen Rice sign a new shoe deal that unfortunately didn’t work out quite well. The shoe failed to make impact as even his fans were not very excited by it.
9. Bryant Reeves Warner Brothers

When a company that is best known for its cartoons and a mediocre NBA player decide to make a collaboration for a shoe, this is the result. That year, Reeves didn’t manage to average 10 rebounds as the center position while wearing his signature kicks.
8. Reebok Answer 9

Probably the worst model from the Answer series which isn’t very great either. The shoe was very bulky and looked more like a mixture of the current trends rather than a shoe designed for peformance.
7. Converse Wade 4

Dwayne Wade had many ugly shoes but this is one of the ugliest. The design looks very cheap and old, even Wade didn’t appreciate them very much as he only wore them once for a quarter when he was promoting the Wade 4 line.
6. Osiris D3

Another “boat-ish” entry on this list, the D3 model looks uncomfortable. While there are fans of this model, it may be only for collectable purposes as no one would want to get out of the house in those.
5. Nike Air Max Jr

With recycled colorways and visible overuse of tech, this shoe was supposed to be inspired by the “father” line but failed to deliver. Just another miss on Ken Griffey’s signature line.
4. Jordan Melo M9

The support system in the shoe’s upper is what makes this shoe gain a spot on this list. The poor execution on the design loses score points as it was suppposed to be inspired by Carmelo’s love for luxury watches.
3. Reebok Zig Slash / Encore

A mess on every level, the Slash din’t have the looks and the performance aspect also looked very weak. The follow up to the model “Encore” took the same route as its predecessor.
2. adidas The Kobe Two

If a yacht met with a toaster and decided to start a family, this shoe would probably be the product of their love. The awkward shape of it really makes it look hard to wear on the street which makes it seem impossible to perform on a court.
1. Air Jordan 2009 – XV’s “worst Air Jordan” title.

This shoe lived up the expectation that the “Air Jordan XV” line is the worst from the brand. From the low performance to its extraterrestrial design, this one takes the title for the worst shoe from the XV line.

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