The 21st Century Plague – Say No to the Thot

Introduction – Her Limitless Ego
The one thing we went over a lot during our past articles are women and all the little knots that hide in that tangled big mess. Throughout all of those articles we always agreed on a few key points. Don’t put her on a pedestal. Don’t play into her whims or fall into her frame. Now, bunching every single woman under one stereotype might seem a bit ignorant (although it’s close to the truth) and we’ll go out of our way to say that sure, there are decent gals out there somewhere. A flaw in the mould, if you will. But that is becoming rare. Extremely rare.  What we DO have, and a plenty of it, are thots. “Uhh, what’s a thot?” you could ask. A thot, dear reader, is a false thing, a masked snake. A woman with no moral guidelines, no set goals. She lives for attention, she lives for approval, she lives to be worshipped by foolish men. She does not love, she has no passions. She feeds on instagram followers, and sustains herself on compliments. For her, men are a sign of status, a boost for her limitless ego. She plays with feelings, and destroys lives. She is promiscuous, easy. Gentlemen, she is a thot. And you need to send her the f**k back to thot-land, and run as fast as you can.

The “Aposematism” Rule
It’s big words time. Today’s big word is aposematism. It helps with our message, paints things in an easier way. Aposematism is the rule that occurs in nature, a sort of defense mechanism in animals. To defend itself from predators, an animal will develop signs of alarm. Like bright colors and intricate patterns, or spikes and shells. All of these work to alert the predators and tell them: “I’m poisonous, I’m dangerous, f**k off.” And it works. How does that help us?
Well, like all those predators, we need to start seeing the signs as well.
A decent, normal man might go out looking to meet a decent, normal woman. Makes sense, right? What he doesn’t know, and will soon find out, is the fact that there is no such thing today, as a decent, normal woman. He’ll meet a girl, a self-proclaimed saint, a Virgin Mary, and he’ll like her, put her on a pedestal. And soon after, he will fall face first onto the hard concrete, forgotten and made a fool of. And the freshly revealed thot will go about her business like nothing ever was, basking in the attention from her instagram horde and the countless dweebs that shower her with compliments. Our decent, normal man is forgotten, another notch on the counter, and he learned his lesson. The hard way. He didn’t see the signs.

A Losing Game
Gaming thots is not too hard, if all you’re looking for is a one night stand. But it’s ultimately not worth it. It’s a losing game with no rewards. That is why you need to say NO to the thot. Deny her the very thing she lives for – attention. Don’t give a f**k about her and it will drive her crazy, and make her want you all the more. Because why? Because you are not like the thousand other cucks who fell into her spider’s web, giving her attention in bucket loads. You’re different, aloof and her tricks don’t work on you. And now, now you’re what she wants.

Conclusion – The Final Score
But time is a double edged sword. It goes on and on, and we get older. Our rewards will lie in the way we choose to spend this time. While you (provided you are a rational man) will have gain all kinds of good things in your life, through self-improvement and fulfilled life,  she will grow into a sense of panic. A loveless, empty thot with nothing to add to her name. No achievements and nothing learned in life. All she earned is spite, a hate from other thots and all those she led on and disrespected. All those whose lives she chose to play with. She though hers is the right to master over men, mess with their lives like an almighty creature. What she got instead is worthless attention, fleeting things and hate from others. You got respect, happiness, knowledge and health. A steady head on your shoulders and a life filled with good things – why? Because you learned the signs. They are all around us – like the brightly colored frogs in the Amazon, the thot displays many alarming signs – brightly dyed hair, facial piercings and slutty tattoos, a trillion of instagram photos of nothing but her, her and only her. She’ll act like a saint, but she’s a sinner. So brother, read those signs. Read them and move on, following your path. She ain’t worth it. Say NO to the thot!

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