The Basis of Masculine Sex Appeal

There are two primary schools of thought men subscribe to in their quest to get sex from women.  One school of thought is the Looks, Money, and Status strategy.   The men who follow this school believe that if a man has right looks, enough money and status, that he will reach the promised land between an attractive woman’s legs.   The second school of thought is the Game strategy.  The men who follow this school believe that if they say the right combination of words and take certain actions then women will respond to their advances.   Though I respect both schools I’m an advocate of a third school which I refer to as the “Sexy Man” school.   So what is that school?  I’m glad you asked.

The Sexy Man school of thought promotes the philosophy that a man can get any woman he can sexually arouse.  So the focus is not on relying solely on looks, making more money, or gaining status.   It doesn’t rely on trying to manipulate a woman into sex which is what “Game” really amounts to in the long run.   The Sexy Man School focuses on a man looking inward to develop his sexual presence and skills.   In order for a man to develop his sex appeal there are three main areas he must work on:  his body, his charisma, and his masculine nature.   Let’s look deeper into each component.



The chief means to arouse another human being is the body.   Studies have shown that certain body shapes will arouse members of the opposite sex.  Men are aroused primarily by women who have an hourglass figure.  There is a contrast between a woman’s breasts, waist, and hips.  Women, despite what they may say, are turned on just as visually by men.   When a woman’s pupils dilate their cervix will contract which may cause an orgasm.   It is the physical shape of man that does this.  Typically a man with a V-shape will have the most profound effect on a woman.  That is typically broad shoulders and a big chest that tapers down into a smaller waist.  Contrary to popular belief a man’s body matters more than his face.  Many male exotic dancers have average looking faces and great bodies.

Now something else with the body is that a man doesn’t have to be super muscular to attract a woman though this helps.   If a man presents a HARD looking body and a degree of flexibility in how that hard body moves a woman can be just as sexually aroused.  What I mean by hard body is a solid build that lacks an excess amount of body fat and yet isn’t skinny looking.   In a nutshell the man needs to look firm.   Subconsciously this gives women the impression that a certain body will be just as firm.

The body is the first tier of masculine sex appeal.


          Sexual Charisma

          The second tier of masculine sex appeal is sexual charisma.  This charisma isn’t the same as regular charisma which makes a person, say, a popular speaker or a good salesman.   Indeed a person can be quiet and introverted and yet have sexual charisma.   I knew a young lady who on the surface looked a quiet church girl.  She dressed and looked plain.  Yet men were lined up to have sex with because her sexual charisma was off the charts.   Sexual charisma is the ability to connect with the opposite sex on a SEXUAL level.   An example is when a man goes on a date with a fine woman.  She was impressed with his look, his car, and his resume.  They go on a date and she doesn’t feel a connection.  At least not enough of one to sleep with him.   Sexual charisma not only draws someone to us but allows us to make a connection.  For men can they really talk to a woman?  Can they make her feel desired as a woman while on a date?   Can they get past her natural defenses?   The key to that connection is sexual charisma.  Otherwise the man becomes another inhabitant of the dreaded friendzone.



            Many men will have the body, and will be able to make a connection.  Women will generally go for a man if the man has the first two tiers.  In most cases that’s all men need to get women.   Still a man go even further.   He must develop his inner masculine nature.   Now women know what I’m talking about.  Let me use an example to illustrate that inner nature for male readers.

Say there’s a woman who is very physically attractive.  She has an hourglass shaped figure.  She is also cool to talk to and can draw a man to her for sex.   The woman will still have trouble with many men because she behaves in a masculine manner.  Some men, because of their thirstiness, will try to have sex with her but a truly masculine man will be turned off by her even if he doesn’t consciously know why.   It’s because her masculine nature is repelling his masculine nature.

To REALLY turn on a woman sexually he needs have a strong masculine nature.   This is not reflected in the words that come out his mouth.  This is not reflected in the car he drives.  Sometimes it is not even reflected in his body build or clothing.   A man’s masculine nature is reflected in how he holds his head.  How he looks another man in the eyes.  It is reflected in his handshake.   It is reflected in how he stands.  It is reflected in his walk.   When women are turned on sexually by a man’s walk they are really turned on by his masculine nature.



          This was a very, very brief outline of what the basics of masculine sex appeal.  In a nutshell men must always work to improve their bodies, their connection to women, and their masculine nature.   The men who develop these facets to the best of their ability will not a handsome face, money, status, or game to get sex from women.   Indeed women will throw themselves at such a man.


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