The best and the cheapest cities you should visit while in Europe

Planning on doing some traveling on a budget anytime soon? Here are some of the best and the cheapest cities you should visit while in Europe.

5. Budapest, Hungary

You can have the luxury experience that you would struggle to have in most other European cities for a fraction of the cost. Budapest really is one of the cheapest cities in Europe to visit and perfect if you’re on a budget.

There are plenty of beautiful woman, good food, nice drinks, and historical places to visit so don’t miss out on Budapest.

4. Istanbul, Turkey

This is a grand city with a lot of history and stunning architecture that needs to be on your radar. There is honestly so much to see in Istanbul, especially as it’s one of the cheapest cities in Europe if you’re looking for a more global city. Lots of people prefer this city to go on shopping spree as well so don’t be afraid to spend some bucks in Istabul because the prices are pretty low.

3. Valletta, Malta

The capital of Malta is one of the most affordable capital cities to visit – plus the city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s too gorgeous to miss. Malta, as an Island, can be relatively cheap too. Just make sure to travel out of the summer season and avoid the holidays. This will keep costs lower and you’ll also miss most of the crowds.

2. Prague, Czech Republic

This city packs in so many sights and is a must to see in Europe. The handy prices also help sway you if you still need convincing. Though Prague can be more expensive than cities like Bratislava, it’s still one of the cheapest cities in Europe that’s really popular. It’s much more budget-friendly than, say, Oslo or Copenhagen.

1. Valencia, Spain

This Spanish city packs in as much excitement and sights as it’s sister cities except at a fraction of the price. It’s so much cheaper than the likes of Barcelona, especially for accommodation. Plus, lots of historic buildings and churches cost very little to enter. This all means that you can enjoy one of the cheapest cities in Europe without breaking the bank. Food, drinks and accomodation are cheap as well so Valencia has everything you need to feel good during a vacation.

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