The Best Dressed Hip Hop Personalities Right Now

Nas After party for Jay-Z's performance at Carnegie Hall to benefit The United Way of New York City and The Shawn Carter Foundation - held at 40/40. New York City, USA - 06.02.12 Mandatory Credit: Andres Otero/

When hip-hop became one of the major influential forces on the globe, it was clear that fashion was not going to be the one who got away. Over the years, looks have evolved from baggy and street thug-ish to more tight jeans, skater shoes and fancy suits. Here is a list of some of the pioneers of blending hip hop and fashion with no huge effort.

1. Nas

One to be almost always on the good sides of the fashion, Nas manages to combine class and street and he does it pretty well. His most iconic look remains til this day, the Illmatic look with his leathers and single gold chain.
2. Pharell

Known as the one that brought skate wear into fashion, it’s clear that Mr. Wiliams does not do wrong too often when it comes to dressing up.As the years have passed, Pharell’s look went from crazy to a more mature side.
3. Andre 3000

The owner of the Benjamin Bixby line has always been known to push boundaries when it comes to fashion. He is one of the first rappers to wear a dress and usually has outrageous styles in music videos and concerts.
4. Kanye West

Kanye’s obsession with fashion has taken new heights in the last decade. His constant whining about the fashion world not accepting him finally launched him. Even though he has his misses, it’s clearly that Mr. West has a good sense of style and can pull off almost any fancy suit with swagger.
5. Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

The owner of one of the most recognized street brands couldn’t miss this list. From music to fashion, from Vodka to cable channels and restaurants, seeing Diddy in a suit warns you that he’s on those big buck moves again.
6. Jay Z

Jay looks good no matter what he is wearing but that does not mean his style is lazy. On the contrary, the one who brought Gucci sneakers back has quite the taste when it comes to fashion choices.
7. T.I.

Another rapper with his own clothing line, Akoo, T.I. goes from streetwear to tailored suits with smoothness in no time. Tilted beanies and Ralph Lauren Purple Label suits are both basic elements in T.I’s closet.
8. Common

Common is a master when it comes to fashion reinvention. Sweaters are a part of his daily routine when it comes to fashion and he really pulls off those suits.
9. Tyler The Creator

His “I don’t give a f**k” attitude is what gained Tyler so much popularity and that was also emanated from his clothing. With his skater look, Tyler made sure that kids are lining up at the OddFuture shop for merch that sells faster than fresh bread.
10. 50 Cent

In 2003, 50 Cent decided with Marck Ecko to found the G-Unit clothing company, a brand that has been on the front of the hip-hop scene for many years. 50 is another one who can pull off almost any look with smoothness.

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