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Polygyny Revisited

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You know, it’s been quite awhile since any woman’s asked me “What are your intentions, Marcus?”

Nearly two years to the date that I dropped my first article for the Negromanosphere (Polygyny vs Polyandry), and I find myself coming full circle to the original question that fueled its birth: what are my best of intentions when dealing with women as a whole?

Building a Legacy

As always, with the disclaimer on any article that touches this topic, it’s necessary to remind men reading this that I’m not a dating coach or relationship expert. I’m just a square living his life, maintaining his sanity in this round world of ours while achieving goals and building a legacy.

Yeah, that’s right. Something of substance, something tangible to continue for future generations spawned from this Marcus Love Experience.

For starters, establishing a successful business. Writing has been a lifelong passion; thus, for more than 15 years, I’ve published novels for urban fiction lovers to enjoy.

Now wouldn’t it be cool to pass all of this down? Yes, of course, it’d be.

See, being the proud father of one grown daughter (created from a past marriage to one woman), has taught me to appreciate the influence I’ve had on the proper raising of a baby into adulthood. Although the marriage ended, the accomplishment of seeing our shared result of our little girl is priceless.

However, I would be dishonest to ignore the thoughts of raising more children, just this time with several new women via a polygynist arrangement but whom at this moment, are still in the world of “What if?”

Choosing the Chosen

To be more exact, it’s actually the chosen whose doing the choosing here. Oh, sure, we men are the ones who actively pursue our potential female counterpoints but it’s always been the women who’ve given us the green light to push up on them.

You know, that favorite pick up artist phrase, the choosing signal? The welcoming glance, accompanied with the smile and nod for us to make our move?

However, when it comes to us Brothers taking on multiple women, the Western culture aka this Matrix, has demonized it. From a legal aspect, that is.

Oh, yeah, it’s okay for two gay men or a couple of lesbians to legally wed but it’s a resounding hell-to-the-no for a straight man to marry more than one straight woman. That’s not one bit righteous, or fair.

I’m not a religious man, just a pragmatic one. I respect and admire people who’ve decided to give it a go, create a harmonious bond that, hopefully, will last a lifetime.

Likewise, as much as I’ve admired in wonderment on “How do these lucky men get women to do this?”, I had to step back and conduct thorough research on polygyny, coming to this important conclusion.

Luck has nothing to do with this. Like everything else, it’s a conscious choice.

It’s Not Just About Sex

Uh-huh, I can almost hear some of you well-read Brothers now, eyeballing these lovely women pictured above gripping that baton. “Now blue’s my favorite color.”

Sexual innuendo aside, this visual’s metaphorical meaning refers to these women collectively coming together to accomplish the mission. The mission of ensuring that a man’s legacy stays intact, being successfully handed down to the next runner (offspring).

Okay, sure, to some of you, it’s a stretch. Nevertheless, gents, it’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, with 2019 soon coming to an end, bringing in the year 2020, you can believe that my intentions are still honorable. There’ll be no sneaking around, getting my swerve on but pure honesty.

Moreover, for those ladies whom can’t accept my program, oh, well, you don’t have to stay in class. In other words, there’s always them gutta boys you ladies can get with instead of wasting my precious time.

My intentions are to continue on my daily grind, honing my craft of creative writing as well as keeping physically in shape. If there’s any eligible women who are down to get down, cool.

If not, it’s still good. It won’t be a cake walk; then again, I wouldn’t have sh*t any other way.

A Mere Google Search Ain’t Gone Cut it

That’s right! You know it.

I’m gonna have to chop it up with men who are living this life for real, for real. No perpetrators whatsoever.

This time next week, I’ll be on holiday (a working holiday) in London, United Kingdom. While there, I’ll conduct intimate interviews with people who are bold enough to live this poly life to the fullest.

Then, in February 2020, it’s onto Rio, Brasil for more, ahem, up close and personal coverage. So, stay tune because there’s more to come on this subject.

Oh, and P.S.

If my woman’s (she knows who she is) reading this joint, in my best Scarface Tony Montana voice, “I was only kidding!!!”

Until next time, my Brothers, peace.

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