The best platforms to buy cryptocurrency

With everyone talking about cryptocurrency like it’s a thing you get at your local gas station, we decided to shed some light on the best crypto sites to start your portfolio.

5) Bitstamp

Bitstamp stands aside from the rest of the websites dealing with cryptocurrencies by its user-friendly aspect.

Getting verified and placing your first trade request goes pretty smoothly on Bitstamp and this is actually one of the best platforms to use if you’re based in Europe. The website has been around ever since 2011 and by the looks of it, we’ll have to get used to Bitstamp being around.

4) Coinmama

Another website you can use to buy cryptocurrency with real money. Their verification process goes pretty smooth and their portfolio is decent.

Yet, the best thing about Coinmama is that it’s global so you can make an account and place a new order from anywhere in the world. This is quite rare when it comes to websites that deal with cryptocurrencies.

The bad news is that websites like these are pretty much denied from services such as PayPal or even your local bank since they’re pretty much in a race against each other. Nevertheless, patience will solve anything.

3) Localbitcoins is my personal favorite from this list. The reason why it’s number 3 in our top is because the website only deals with Bitcoin.

Judging by the quality of their service, Local Bitcoins should be number one since they have premium customer care and they back up their users quite impressive. The platform only works on commission and all it does is connect two users who are looking to sell or buy Bitcoin through a third party.

Once you find someone with a good feedback score that is looking to trade on a platform of your choice, all you need to do is send the money with a special code provided by Local Bitcoins, wait for the confirmation, and the other user needs to clear the Bitcoins within 90 mins or less. From this point on you can transfer your funds on any platform of your choice to exchange or to cash out.

2) Binance

Binance comes second in our top and this is probably the best website to exchange cryptocurrency to diversify your portfolio. Yes, this website is useful if you already have crypto and you’re trying to buy more but you can also use it in combination with, the third pick in our top, if you’re looking to exchange FIAT into crypto.

Currently, Binance has a 100 Bitcoins per 24 hours exchange limit, meaning $170, 000 USD as of the current exchange.

1) Coinbase

Coinbase is probably the most notorious (and the safest) website for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. One of the reasons why it managed to get 10 million users up until this point is that you can purchase crypto with your credit card. Yes, that means buying cyptocurrency with real money AND selling cryptocurrency for real money.

The verification process goes pretty smooth and you can withdrawal up to $10,000 USD on a daily basis with your personal account.


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