The Best Underground G Funk and Rap Classics

Mumble rap, trap, weak beats and the wackest, most uninspired rhymes are the crowning details of today’s scene of rap and hip-hop. The way in which the classic era of these music genres slowly disappeared and melted into something unrecognizable and ridiculous, is a really sad story. But luckily, there are still a lot of fans of the good old, classic era of some of the best West Coast output of G-Funk, Hip-Hop and Rap, as well as some choice East Side artists.
Here at Negromanosphere, we value the good old stuff, the time when gangsta rap was exactly that – and performed with passion and meaning, unlike the sh*t thrown at you today. Today, we reflect at an era when young black musicians, the poor and the working class, put their souls on the paper, writing some of the most meaningful lyrics and crafting complex and passionate beats. We go back to the time that saw the emergence of G-Funk, and the golden age of Rap.
All you can do now is chill and enjoy some fire beats.

The Hidden Gems
Gangsta funk – more commonly known as G-Funk, is a subgenre that emerged from the West Coast gangsta rap scene in the early 90’s. It was under heavy influence from the funk sound, and saw several emerging artist combine the funk melodies with the classic elements of gangsta rap, creating a chill and melodic genre known for the heavy use of synthesizers and deep bass lines. Some of the essential artists that are credited as the first to develop the G-Funk sound are Dr. Dre, Warren G, Cold187um, Daz Dillinger, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Ice Cube and of course, tha Snoop Doggy Dog – who with his group Tha Dogg Pound, is considered one of the pioneers of G-Funk.
But today, we’re only acknowledging these classic artists, and we reflect more towards the underground artists that emerged slowly from the 93’ onwards, inspired by the popularity of the iconic G-Funk sound.
But first, to easily show you that very iconic sound of gangsta funk, we’ll start by mentioning Doggystyle – the 1993 album by Snoop Doggy Dog. Filled with classic, successful hits, this album brought on a revolution. So, to start this little gangsta Negromanosphere playlist of ours, we’re playing a song from that album – Doggy Dogg World.
Snoop Dogg – Doggy Dogg World
Now as you enjoy these beats, let’s delve deeper underground.
There’s a ton of good G-funk artists, so we’ll only mention a few that deserve your attention. We want to mention Mr.X, an underrated rapper from South Central, LA, and a member of a prominent group Rappinstine. His solo career put out some great G-Funk sounds, and a classics-filled album – “Mr.X” from 1996.
Mr.X – Any Ole Sunday

Now, talking about G-Funk and not mentioning CJ Mac, should be a criminal offence. Emerging on the scene as early as 1991, Mad CJ Mac’s output quickly gathered a following. He had a short stint with Deathrow Records. His 1995 album “True Game” is considered as a cult classic, and peaked at 41 on the Billboard charts.
Mad CJ Mac – Come and Take a Ride

O.G. Daddy V is one of the most underrated G-Funk artists, and a musician that is credited with delivering some of the best songs we can enjoy today. This Is Why We Do from 1997 is just one example why Daddy V is a classic of the underground G-Funk and Rap in general. Some of his tunes were way ahead of their time. Just take a listen to a classic from 1995, and all will be clear.
DMG & Daddy V – Driftin’ Memory

Easily one of the essential rappers to fit in this genre, Sinister was one of South LA’s iconic artists, fully showing the real gangsta rap lifestyle. He was shot and killed in 2007, in what was apparently a gang related shooting. But he remains remembered for some of his classic G-Funk anthems.
Sinister – Life of a Sinner

The Negromanosphere Cherry-picks the Very Best of the Best
Gangsta Rap
Popularized by artists and groups such as Ice-T, N.W.A, Eazy-E, Kid Frost, and Above the Law, “gangsta rap” evolved as a more ghetto, underground aspect of hardcore rap. It offered a unique sound, mostly reserved for the West Coast scene. In the 90’s and after, it evolved in many ways, presenting some iconic artists, some of which we will mention today.
Krayzie Bone is a well known name, a rapper who was a part of one of the most popular rap groups – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. His solo career began perfectly, with a debut album “Thug Mentality 1999”, which is now considered a classic. Krayzie Bone’s unique style of rapping is untouchable to this day.
Krayzie Bone – Murda Mo

To represent the East coast in this article, there’s no one better than the iconic gangsta rap group – Mobb Deep. One of the pioneers of the East coast hip hop, some of the duo’s most popular songs fit in this article perfectly. Their songs are characterized with dark beats and some of the best, gangsta lyrics.
Mobb Deep – Shook Ones

A Parting Word
We hope that all of our readers can appreciate this golden era of rap, and that you will enjoy a little part of a greater choice selection of the underground’s best. As always, we’d like to read your comments. Let us know what are some of your favorite artists. What is your favorite song? Comment below.
And until the next time – keep conquering!

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