The Black Manosphere

The Black Manosphere

The Black Manosphere was developed because, for quite a long time, black men’s issues haven’t been publicized in any way on most public platforms. To correct this issue, a group of black men came up with the idea to create an online community centered around discussing and correcting these problems. As well as bring awareness on issues black men face within the United States. The Black Manosphere includes brothers from all walks of life including plumbers, police officers, pastors, lawyers, doctors, teachers, coaches, scientists, business owners, and many other skills.

The Black Manosphere was founded by 3 Content Creators on Youtube around 2015, sometimes referred to as “The Big 3”. But recently a company has created a magazine that has no association with those original creators and members of The Black Manosphere.

In order to clarify and cut down on confusion, I created an unbiased list of channels in the Black Manosphere, aka (The Negromanosphere).

The Big 3

Oshay Duke Jackson

The Angryman


General Channels

Finance Channels

Business/Tech Channels

Dating/Relationship Channels

Female Associated Channels

The Black Manosphere is mainly a community of Black Men, created by Black Men, but some female content creators are associated.


I will do my best to keep the list current. If someone has been missed please contact

** = Channel Looks Abandoned

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