The Buzz on Electric Cars in 2021 and Beyond

Black Electric Car Makers Compete

You know the last time I dropped off my old Honda for scheduled maintenance, the mechanics diagnosed several oil leaks (among other issues) with the usual strong “recommendation” of promptly getting it all fixed on that very day. And I responded with my usual forced courteous smile while nodding, “Thank you, sir, but I’ll take care of that later. Now how much do I owe you for the oil change again?”

Tired of Paying for Gas-Operated Vehicles

Although my current whip (I know it’s a used car but let me dream) is paid in full, on going maintenance of a combustible engine vehicle can still cost quite a bit as the years go on. I’m tired of swiping my card for her, my dependable hooptie.

Couple that with being on a fixed income for the past year and a half (I’m loving early retirement), there comes a time when a man has to reassess his expenses. And dumping my baby for a more environmentally-friendly electric car is beginning to make a lot of sense.

If It Don’t Make Dollars, It Don’t Make Sense

Enter Mims Motors, a Black American owned electric car company. Straight outta Henderson, Nevada and roaring into the future, this startup has matured into a state of the air manufacturer of the newest battery-operated “whips.”

Competing with the likes of Tesla, Volks Wagon, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan, Eric Mims, CEO and president, has done more than place his foot on the map in the United States. He’s expanded worldwide, developing and building more efficient electric vehicles in a factory in Nigeria.

Competing Worldwide

Now I know I can’t be the only man who’s done paying through the nose for a decent, reliable electric car. And apparently, so is Mims with his starting lineup of the E2 Plus at only $28,000 dollars.

Likewise, his Infinity Drive Module battery system guarantees at least 1000 miles per charge on all of the E-Series vehicles. Also, to ensure worry-free ownership, there’s a mandatory 6000 mile safety check included with each order.

And get this: Mims gives the option to either recharge at one of their power stations or WiFi in an impressive 5 minutes. Now if this isn’t competing at it’s highest level, I don’t know what else is.

Always Bet on Black

Mims has continued to prove that innovation ain’t just for the other man. Okay, so I went there but you know it’s true.

The new kid on the block is about some grown man business. And whenever you’re in the market for a topnotch electric car, consider placing your order today.

And as always, Brothers, stay strong, watch your six, and don’t let anybody ph*ck with you!

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