The Castaway Concept

The Concepts, Continued
Our concepts series is slowly becoming a thing of habit, a little trademark of our own which we can all share. The series that tries to improve with each article, always bringing a new and refreshing insight, always attempting to redesign and re-ignite the masculine path.
It all started with The Conqueror nature, quite a while ago. Since then, the concepts have taken a more unique form, establishing our intent to always ask important questions and bridge the gap that has appeared in modern male society.
The title of today’s concept is the Castaway. What happens when your voice falls on deaf ears? When your principles become only your own. Are you mandatorily a castaway then? A drifter? Or is a man’s principle, and a man’s word, a highly valued thing, to which we should stick no matter what?
Today we will discuss exactly that, trying to place a much needed emphasize on sticking to your rules, your words and values. This male value has no price. It can’t be abandoned.

Alone Against All
Ask yourself – would you stand alone, as a castaway, for the sake of the values you hold dear, for your principles?  To give those values worth, to give them meaning and resonance – you’d have to stand. Just like a castaway, holding dearly to that shred of right views that you deem correct.
Sticking to your belief is one of the crucial masculine traits. Setting clear rules and sticking by them is the chief positive trait you should have. Those that drift around following other people’s rules are the first to get run down.
You need to remember that no sacrifice is to large when it comes  to following your own path. You chose to believe that. Another cannot tell you otherwise.
We said it once before, and some of you might remember it. But we’ll say it here again. “You too need to always hold true to yourself.”
Make it you mission no to submit to thing you don’t agree with. You hold the truth in the way you envision it, and that truth you need to hold like a burning brand. Stand by it, no matter what. In a way, that would be the biggest form of self respect you can achieve, and will also bring on an important feeling of self worth. And with those two, you are on your way to become a respectable, self made man. Seek perfection and seek the heights – and never settle for less than that. Pride goes hand in hand with it, and respect of others too. These are hard to gain, but easy to lose, so play accordingly. That is why we stress that a true, masculine life, a life of self worth, is always difficult. Always a struggle. But that is the thing to make you tougher, harder…victorious.

Self respect is priceless, even if you must be a castaway. That is the price that has to be paid for individuality, freedom of expression, following the thing that only YOU thing are pure and right. Can we let the world run us over? Tell us what is wrong and what is right, even if we know the answer already? We hope that you hold freedom dear to you. The final statement is that if we allow ourselves to conform to tight and restricting molds of this world, we will be swept under and never amount to anything.
Comment below with your own visions of this theme – would you follow your rules even if it meant you’d be alone in doing it? How high do you hold you values? We would like to hear your own thoughts, so share them with the readers. There’s always room for improvement and new insights. Until the next time, Keep Conquering!

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