The Drug Women Crave

The following excerpt is from my book, “A Player’s Eyes – One Man’s View of Sexual Relationships:

             Using the term, “Mr. Goodbar” is not a random piece of slang.   One woman said it meant a man had a good dick.   Not really.  “Mr. Goodbar” is more of an allegory of what women experience with this type of man.  Most women like chocolate and I don’t mean in a racial sense.   Give most women something with chocolate in it, be it a candy bar or an ice cream sundae and they will derive great PLEASURE from eating that chocolate.   Some women will even get mild orgasms from eating chocolate.   Mr. Goodbar is a human version of that piece of chocolate.   She wants to indulge as much as possible in his presence.   Her body chemistry will literally change when she is around this man.   This chemistry produces a state of euphoria in the woman that is similar to the feeling a person gets when they drink alcohol.   The woman in Mr. Goodbar’s presence is in a state of romantic intoxication.    An overwhelming majority of women are addicted to getting this feeling of intoxication, this euphoria, this PLEASURE.    Women are just like junkies in this regard.  Instead of tapping their arms for their fix, they tap their thighs.   The Players and Bad Boys are not delivering this drug on a street corner.   These men are delivering this drug in bedrooms, offices, storage rooms, and sometimes in back alleys.  


            Here’s something deep for you.  The key to where a man stands with women is his ability to deliver this drug, this euphoria, this intoxication.  We will call this drug, “Pleasure.”   The biggest mistake most men make is not knowing how women see them.   Many men see themselves as Alpha Males.  They will have kick-ass manager jobs or successful businesses making big money.   They will be above average in looks and height.  They will have homes and cars.   Same type of men I described in the previous section.  Yet they will struggle in their relationships with women.  They may get sex but not from the Dimes.   They may have to settle with the Plain Jane with a slight attitude.   These men don’t get the best women because they are unable to deliver the Pleasure.   When the average woman is looking at a man she is looking for clues that he can deliver that good stuff.   Many men despite what they have going on for them materially and how confident they are they don’t think in terms of delivering Pleasure.  Indeed most men when they get a little bit of money feel like women should fall over them.   They see the woman as an accessory to their lives, a trophy to be won if the woman is a Dime.   Knowing that women judge men according to their ability to deliver Pleasure it then shines a different light on the sexual hierarchy of how women see men.  



Most women out here are addicts.   There is no other way of putting it.   These women can all have good loving men.   In conversations with literally thousands of women it has been very rare that any of these women didn’t have at least one good man in their lives.  In many cases these men looked very good on paper.  The women even thought so.   In the instances where I could talk to the men I would see they were likely good catches.  So what’s the problem?   The men didn’t have that product.

Addiction to the Pleasure is like being addicted to any drug.  Most women are denial.   Until they need that next fix.   Women when they are on that “thing” will do some crazy things.   They’ll leave family and friends.  They can have a loving husband and children living in an upscale community.   As soon as that thing gets hold of them they will leave that husband and kids and live with some bum dude in abandoned house in the bad part of town.     I’ve had women tell me this because this is what they did.

Women will do whatever they have to do to feed that addiction.   Some of them will pay the Pusherman directly.   A woman will keep that Pusherman fed and well clothed.  Many gigolos started off as Pushermen.  Women will work two jobs to feed that addiction.   Some will steal their kid’s PS4 and pawn that joint just to buy the Pusherman some Jordans.    A woman will lie, cheat, and steel to feed that thing.

The average man can look at a woman and tell she’s strung out on the standard drugs out there.  She’s on meth, you can see it.   She’s alcoholic, you can see it.   Marijuana?  You can see it because she’s a little too happy.   Addiction to the Pleasure is hard to spot for the average man.   That’s because she’ll hide her feelings around her main man.   He might notice that she tends to spend a lot of time away from home running errands.   Some women will still have regular sex with their main man though she might not be as energetic.

Men have to understand that possibly 80 percent of the women out there are addicted to that thing.   Hmmmm, the same 80 percent chasing after the Alpha.   Just saying.  Connect the dots.   Honestly the most a man can do is learn how to deliver the pleasure.   A few women are not addicted but often they aren’t very sensual and alluring to begin with so a man might not want to deliver the goods anyway.   To cope men are going to have to learn to deliver the product.

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