The Gladiator Concept – A Fight For Success

Here at Negromanosphere we like to assume a place at the very frontlines of the Man’s battle. We like to be the first through the breach. And to do that, we always try to bring fresh content and fresh theories to our readers. These theories and concepts are like a new and fresh weapon for any self-conscious man to use to his advantage. There was the Dangerous Predator concept, there was the theory of the Conqueror Nature,  and a couple of others as well. And now we’ll discuss our newest weapon – the Gladiator Concept.
This concept is more than just a theory or a bunch of words in an article. It is a mindset, a potent lifestyle that can lead to raw success and victory over hardships. It is an engine for the fighters, but it requires a costly fuel – dedication, sacrifice and hard work. That’s the life of the modern Gladiator – you fight, but you come on top in the end.
So read on and get to know our latest present to our readers, the latest jolt of inspiration to keep you moving through the hardships and this bright new day.

The Fuel For Moving Forward
As men are slowly moving forward, gradually leaving their youthful, teenage years behind them and entering into a more serious adult age, they often experience crucial, life changing events that shape them for the future. These can be heartbreaks, personal tragedies, accidents, or simply eye-opening experiences – but in each case they can leave consequences for life. It is how we deal with these events that will shape us as men. And here’s is the point we want you to remember – especially if you are one of our younger readers: Use this hard moment and this traumatic event as your fuel. Become a fighter. Become a Gladiator and view the world as the arena in which you are. Remember that a gladiator either fights or dies. And you have to capture that mentality for your life. Take that heartbreak, or whatever scarring experience, and use it as your fuel for fighting for success. Take a stand, take up an imaginary sword and fight with a wolf-like ferocity.  It is a literal killing of negativity in your life.

The Wall Behind Your Back
You can’t be half-half or undecided with your life. It is either all or nothing. You can only reach success if you’re into it 100% and dedicated to the max. So you need to take up that mental stance. Become a gladiator in your mind. Just as the ancient roman gladiators were bred, toughened and veteran warriors, facing an equally dangerous warrior each time they entered the arena – with only one coming out alive – you too need to take a similar outlook on life. Face each and every task and obstacle like it is an opponent you need to eradicate. And when you face a particularly hard and trying time in your life – imagine a wall behind your back. There’s no backing up. Dig your heels into the ground, grasp your weapon firmly and HOLD. And remember – at the end of the day, only one gladiator goes out alive.

There’s no opponent so dangerous as a cornered one. For example, a cornered wolf will fight with incredible ferocity tearing all in sight. He knows there’s no running. This is exactly the attitude you need to take up when confronting problems. When life puts you in a corner you stand up – and tear the shit apart. Carve your way forward.
A thot played you for a fool? You thought she was worth your time and effort. You put some work and gave it your best shot. And then she dumped you for some Chad with a banging Lambo. Alright, she played you. You learned your lesson. But don’t fold under the pressure – no longing, no yearning, no sadness. You picture yourself cornered and threatened by these things. Now use it to tear yourself out of this hole and into the high ground where the sun shines bright!
A good place to bring the Gladiator mindset to – is the gym. Let it simmer, let it slowly build up.  And when you get a hold of those weights…baby. Tear that shit APART!

This concept should be useful to all fighting men. And if you’re struggling for success and improvement – then friend, you are fighting. It could also be a great tool for our young, up-and-coming readers. It could be a great head start in life, an efficient cheat when dealing with all the bullshit of modern living. Friends, remember: The World has no understanding for weak men. Those who surrender in face of problems and struggle are quickly swept away and forgotten. The world has no place for them. And you know how hard it is to stay in the fight, not to surrender.
That’s why we hope you can find inspiration in the story of gladiators. In this concept that says you should always look at life from the eyes of a cornered, fighting animal. From the eyes of a bloodthirsty gladiator who fights only for victory!

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