The Guide to a Healthier Diet

Getting into fitness, bodybuilding and generally a healthier lifestyle, is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. But as soon as you start learning more about those lifestyles, you will quickly realize that there is more to them than just pumping iron and reaching your limit. Almost half of the process is done right there in your kitchen. That’s right. Without a proper and balanced diet, you won’t get those gains so easily.
While the whole strict diet regime and bland foods might seem discouraging and complicated at a first glance, in whole actuality it’s not that big of a deal. You just need to remember that a big part of lifting and fitness is self control. If you can’t control your urges to get stuffed on double cheeseburgers or a big bucket of chicken wangz, you’re probably wasting your time attempting to be a bodybuilder. You need to commit 100% to the goal you have in mind – a healthy, strong and muscular body.  And then just remember that a healthy and balanced diet will get you there.
So read on as we figure out the basics of a proper, balanced, but still nutritional and fun diet plan.  

Don’t Waste Your Time
Some guys wish they knew about this long before starting to frequent the gym. Some dudes even lift heavy and rigorously for months and months, without seeing any results whatsoever. There are some muscles, sure, but there is also that beer belly and a fat pouch that won’t go away. Why? Because no matter how hard they lift, they go to the KFC or the McDonalds after their workout and stuff their face with unhealthy junk. Don’t be that guy.
Heading into the game prepared with important tips is half the job done. We already mentioned the importance of “cutting” and “bulking”, aka the caloric deficit and caloric surplus. That leads us to the importance of the calories intake.
Once you figure out your workout plan and how much calories you need to take daily, you get to realize that there are the “smart” and the bad calories. So next time you go shopping for food, start reading the labels a bit more. You’ll realize that some junk foods have a hell of a lot more calories than you actually need to eat. So buy smart and eat smarter.

The Rules of the Game
Besides the calories, you got the macro nutrients. These are crucial in a balanced diet and play a big part for your gains, post workout recovery and energy. Some of the crucial macronutrients are carbohydrates (glucose, lactose, fructose, etc.), Proteins (amino acids) and Fats. Once you start paying attention to those labels and exactly what things you need in your diet, you’ll quickly notice that some healthier foods are rich in proteins and healthy fats, while some junk foods have no proteins and a ton of carbohydrates, sugars and calories.
So it is very important to start paying attention to what you eat. You also need to know it takes a bit of sacrificing to achieve your goals. So some of your guilty food pleasures will, sadly, have to go down the drain for the time being. You’re on a night out? Somebody offers you a juicy slice of pizza, or a cheeseburger? Maybe you’re at a party and everyone is devouring a cheesecake or a chocolate cake? Well, no matter how hard you want it, tell yourself that you won’t have it and put some limits. A strong will and character is a defining feature of dedication and strength. Right about now, you’re asking yourself: “But a pizza or a cheeseburger won’t mess up my gainz, will it?”
Well truth be told, they won’t help out none, that’s for certain. All those extra fats and calories will stick to you like glue, and when you’re doing your best to lose body fat and finally show off those abs, every bite counts. So when you feel tempted to indulge in some junk food – think again. Once you envision your goal and remember how hard you worked for it, you’ll quickly lose the appetite for it.

Another rewarding aspect of reaching out for a healthier diet, is the opportunity to learn to cook and prepare meals of your own. It is an important thing for every man to know, it’s fun, and who knows, maybe you’ll like it. Knowing just what you need to eat, and preparing it just the way you like it, is the best thing about preparing your own meals.
Eggs, rice, chicken breast, juicy thick steaks, oatmeal, salads and fish – these are just a few of the healthy foods you can learn to prepare yourself and in so many different ways and recipes.

Just don’t waste your own time and effort. It’s a great thing to go to the gym, bust your ass and see those gainz in the mirror – but for the love of it, don’t waste that whole training by eating unhealthy for the rest of the day. Dedicate that little bit of time and effort to prepare a healthy, nutritious meal that will compliment that workout and help your muscles grow while lowering your body fat in the process. Always work out smarter!

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