The Ignorance Of The Negro and their “FAKE CARE” Movements and Causes

Black people have been known to be divided as a people. This we all know all to well. Especially if we grow up in the inner city. It gets so bad to the point where people pray for us to be united. They pray for unity. So anytime we as a people become united people are excited about. There is a huge difference between being united and pretending to “FAKE CARE” about something. I would define “FAKE CARE” as pretending to care about an event or cause. The only reason why people are pretending to care is because everyone else on the Negro social media is caring. Usually this fake caring does not last long at all. Once the event that united Black people is over, people forget about it and stop posting it to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Some examples of “FAKE CARE” movements are Black Lives Matter, the Trayvon Martin case, Eric Garner, and of course the black community hate of Donald Trump. These movements build up over a short amount of time only to die out quickly. The newest movement is Black America’s hate of Donald Trump. In my opinion it is a huge waste of time. It’s also a huge waste of energy because Black people could be spending their time on other things. Black people love to play the victim role as we all know.

Let’s look another movement called the #DeleteUber campaign. A lot of black people mostly are deleting Uber because of the CEO’s ties to the Trump Administration. This is pretty ignorant if you ask me. Trump asked him to be a part of his economic advisory board and he accepted. I personally see nothing wrong with that. Everybody has their own opinion and they are entitled to it. Due to Uber’s tie’s to the Trump administration, black people are deleting the Uber apps and downloading Lyft. We will see how long this lasts.

Overall, the “FAKE CARE” becomes comical over time. All you can do is sit back and laugh at things from the outside looking in if you are like me and choose not to participate. Some people will never get it. That’s life!

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