The Long Game for Men is Resources

Black male images on social media have been a theme for me lately so I might as well keep going.   One social media page I follow on Instagram is interesting.  It features the requisite phat booty models particularly of West African heritage.   It also features primarily West African men posing in front of their late model luxury cars while wearing high end fashions.   This is actually sensible.   Women bring beauty to the relationship while men bring resources.

Before I go further let me clear up some things.   I have gone on record several times to state that a man doesn’t need money to get sex from a woman.  All he needs is a nice physical appearance and a little bit of game.   That’s just sex.   Women deal with any man who strikes their fancy when it comes to short term sex.   When it comes to long term potential the man needs to have resources, i.e. money.

To be clear this isn’t about giving women money directly for sex.  That’s tricking.   The reality is that women have two major drives as far as sex.  One is the actual act of procreation.   They are programmed to seek out a good specimen of man in order to get pregnant.   Even if they don’t want to get pregnant they still get pleasure from being with a man they find attractive.  The second drive is to provide an environment to raise the offspring she may produce.   This translates into finding a man who can put food on the table and a roof over her head.   A woman has this subconscious drive even if she is quite capable of acquiring her own resources.

So subconsciously a woman may not only seek out a man who has a big bank account but one who has the personality traits to get a big bank account.    So women will instinctively look at a man’s traits and whatever outward material things he has to gage his ability to help her build a nest.   Let me give you some game with this.

The reason why women will check out the clothes, shoes, and watch of a man is to gage his financial standing.   If a man is wearing raggedy shoes and dirty clothes without a watch it says to the woman on a subconscious level that he may not have money.   Women generally call these men dusty and will only deal with them if they are desperate for sex.

In this regard women will also check out a man’s comportment.   Does the man walk like he has resources or does he carry himself like a bum?  Sometimes a man can be dressed down but because he walks like a boss women will be turned on.   Often when women say they like confidence in a man they mean the type of confidence to go out and get resources.

Understand one very important thing with women.   Women are built to adapt to the environment established by a man.   Even when she is in a man’s physical environment which extends three feet away from his body she will adapt.   That’s why it’s important for a man to have a decent car and a nice place to live because that’s his environment.   What women will do is go in and enhance his environment.   This is why tricking often works against a man outside of getting sex.

When a man tricks he’s not bringing the woman into his environment.   He is giving her money that she will use to build up her own environment and in many cases the environment of another man.    That’s why tricks fail in the long term because they do not use their resources properly.

Every man needs to focus on getting his resources together.   Not just for women but to have a measure of control over his environment.


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