The Marriage Of A Traditionalist And A Firebrand Christian

I’m sure the priestess will gbadun the ponron. The Ooni is not too old to dig properly. He is not yet fifty, from what I have heard. A fifty year old man can still fuck. And fondle. And she is just twenty-five. They will enjoy each other for some time. They are both still young. Oba sile labe. Ta ni ‘o mo n to daa? Kabiyesi o dagba a mo la’be mo. You see what I have always told you? Please, work hard and smartly to make money and be relevant. You will have many choices. A poor man has no choice. It is also good when you have power. But sometimes, money is more important than power.


You can buy power with your money. You can buy loyalty, too. The Ooni has power. He also has money. With those two, you can do whatever you want. He has chosen a young and beautiful lady that he can always turn to any time he has an erection. But there is something I need to tell you. We don’t understand a lot of things. All of us are on a mission of discovery. That is why I don’t judge people. And I don’t allow people to judge me. Shilekunola, Moronke, Naomi, the Ooni’s new wife, is a firebrand Christian, from what I have heard. I don’t know her church. She might have preached to people in the past to give their lives to Jesus Christ.


She might have told her peers to marry a born again brother, who doesn’t smoke, who doesn’t drink, who doesn’t womanize, and who doesn’t worship any other person than Jesus Christ. But see where destiny has brought her? Can I even call it destiny? I don’t know, but something brought her to the house of a traditionalist. She got married to a traditional king, who, according to tradition, must offer sacrifices to some gods and even consult the oracle. The question is, how would a firebrand Christian and a traditional worshipper cope in marriage?


Where will their relationship lead to? Will there be harmony? How will they not contradict each other? Does it mean one will be praying in the name of Jesus and the other will be praying in the name of Ifa? Or Opele? Or Esu? We can’t say yet. This is a very big issue. And, maybe it is not even a big issue to the two of them. But one thing is important, religion brings confusion. It breeds enmity and hatred. I think there is more we need to understand about religion. We keep judging one another on the choice of religion. We keep saying one religion is better than another.


Christians will say it is only Christianity that can lead one to heaven. Or paradise. They will say it is only Jesus Christ that can save. They will say Jesus Christ is the only way to God. Or to heaven. That any other way leads to hell. Then, Muslims will also come and say Muhammad is the only true prophet. That Islam is the only way. That Allah is the only God. And that whoever doesn’t believe in Allah must roast in hell. Traditionalists will also say their own. Who do we believe? Who serves the true God? Who serves the wrong God? Or, are there many Gods?


I think we, as humans, are just fighting for God. We seem to be fighting aimlessly. We are probably fighting for what we do not understand. Who created a Muslim? Who created a Christian? Who created a traditionalist? Is it not the same God? I think religion is just to confuse us. It has made us become enemies of one another. Christians can’t relate well with Muslims. Muslims, too, can’t relate well with Christians. The two religions find it difficult to relate well with traditional worshippers. Why is this so? We have created hatred where there should be none.


We keep opposing one another, because of differences in religion. We keep killing one another, claiming we are fighting for God. Which God commanded you to kill His creature? Will God command you to destroy what He has built? Will God command anyone to destroy the work of His hands? I don’t know, but the truth is that majority of us are senseless. Why do we keep fighting to preserve one religion? Why do we keep fighting for God? Why don’t we allow God to fight for Himself? Why don’t we allow God to tell us the true religion by Himself? Why don’t we allow Him to tell us which religion will lead us to paradise?


No one can fight for God. I want to believe the same God created all of us on the surface of this earth. But religion keeps separating us. The marriage of Ooni of Ife and Naomi, his new wife, should teach Nigerians, and most importantly Africans, some lessons. One, that we shouldn’t judge anyone, because you may end up doing tomorrow, what you are condemning others for, today. Two, that nobody knows what may happen tomorrow. The tables can turn overnight. And three, that God is the only one who understands everything. All of us are just speculating.

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