The Opposite of Love Isn’t Hate…It’s Indifference

opposite of love

Millions of break ups happen each and every day. For whatever reason, he cheated, she cheated, he lied, she lied, and dozens of other reasons cause break ups among couples every second, every minute, every hour every day.

A good number of those relationships are rekindled in some way shape or form. They get back together, they do the “sex with your ex” thing, they downgrade their relationship status to “fuck buddy” or any number of quasi statuses that keep each other in their lives on some level.

At the core of these reunions is the basis of feeling. Some kind of love or an intense feeling for one another. People get back together because they still have feelings for the other person and most people are well aware of these conditions.

The day after, the week after etc. one or the other party makes contact and before you know it, they’re doing mating dance and eventually end up back in bed together. However, this very concept is what keeps men hanging on to women after break ups. They think to themselves subconsciously “Well, I still have feelings for her so she must still have feelings for me! After all, people get back together all the time!”

And he may or may not be correct but that depends up on her feelings for him. People say that the opposite of love is hate and on its face, it makes sense. But the opposite of love is NOT hate….it’s indifference. When a woman doesn’t care about where you are or what your’e doing, she’s out. Period. 

Let’s take a look at 3 examples to illustrate this point:

Example #1

A guy and a girl break up because he cheated and she found out about it. The first day or so she goes radio silent but by the end of the second day she’s texting him asking for details about the girl he cheated with. The more detail he gives, the more heated she gets and before long she’s blowing up his phone with endless texts and calls.

I hate you! I love you! I hate you! I love you!

She leave voicemails telling him she loves him, she hates him, she hopes he dies, she wants to have his children, she wants him to burn in hell, she wants to marry him, rinse and repeat.

This bipolar mindset is a clear indicator that she obviously still has feelings for him. There’s a thin line between love and hate as the saying goes and it’s 100% true. Further, a woman cannot hate a man she doesn’t love. 

The reason for her telling him she hates him is that she loves him. She tells him she hates him to give him the impression that she is through with him, but any man with Brother Pill awareness knows that so long as she’s contacting him and responding to his texts and calls, she still has very strong feelings for him.

Example #2

A guy and a girl breakup because she cheated. Unfortunately, it’s usually not the girl who ends things in these situations. The guy finds out someway or another and dumps her as a matter of principle as he should.

The girl could respond one of two ways #1) She says “okay, fine” because by then, she’s been fucking the guy she’s been cheating with for a while and has likely developed feelings for him. If it’s the girl the actually breaks up with the guy, she likely broke up with him mentally a long time ago. #2) She cries and pleads with him to rethink his decision. This may or may not be genuine but she at least wants to give him the impression that she still gives a shit.

“OMG I loooove my new boyfriend!” Tags you in her posts….

So how do we know if she actually still cares about the guy who just dumped her because of her infidelity? Simple. She makes it her mission in life to let the, now, ex boyfriend know how great her life is via text, social media, etc.

If she is doing things like this, she obviously still cares about her ex. This isn’t to say that she loves him the way she used to but feelings are still there nonetheless. Any woman who makes a concerted effort to inform her ex boyfriend that she’s around or trying to stay in his consciousness still has feelings for the ex on some level.

Example #3

A guy and a girl break up. It might be her fault, could be his, doesn’t matter. But if there’s little to no contact from her in the ensuing days and weeks, she has checked out. She simply does not love him anymore.

Now one might think “Well she probably hates him right? If she completely drops off the map and never contacts him again, she obviously hates him, right?!” Wrong. Dead wrong. Hate, like love, is a very strong emotion and are sometimes on in the same.

Yell all you want, she doesn’t give a shit anymore

In example #1, it is obvious she still loves him because the thought of him elicits a strong emotion. Whether that emotion is love or “hate” doesn’t matter. The point is that he makes her feel something.

But when a woman feels nothing, no emotion, then she no longer loves him. Indifference is the polar opposite of love in this respect because to hate and/or love someone requires emotion. The bottom line is that if there’s no emotion, there’s no love.


As foreign a concept as this might be to most men, this is common knowledge among women whether they know it or not. They might say out loud “If she hates him there’s no way she loves him” but deep down they know that’s not true. Don’t listen to what women say when it comes to matters of the heart.

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