The Power of Ignoring – Don’t Give Her the Attention

When it comes to the subject we wrote about so much before – dating and gaming women, there is still some issues we haven’t talked about. Today we will touch up on one such subject which is a problem for a lot of young men out there. Remember what we mentioned in our previous articles on thots? In case you forgot, retrace your steps and check it out – on more than one occasion we mentioned the ONE thing that keeps the modern woman alive – her enormous ego.
This ego is not only her means of survival in the big ol’ harsh world, it is more than that – it is a weapon. A complex trap aimed to capture an ignorant man. That ignorant man is a beta, a provider, a walking ATM of sorts. He is nothing – and You are NOT that man.
If you’re beginning to get a picture of how this trap works that’s good. Now stick around as we go deeper into the complex workings of the female ego and how you can quickly destroy it at the source.

The Venus Flytrap
Everyone and everything has its weapon. It’s chief strength that helps it get by and succeed. The strength that helps them attain power. And is there a better power than that over other people? A woman will use her best strength – her limitless ego – to lure you into her orbit, like a Venus flytrap – always poised to ensnare the unaware.
Those “orbiters” she has acquired, are nothing but puppets. They are spineless cucks who are there to shower her with attention 24/7, to validate her and feed her ego. They will always remain in that orbit, that darker version of the friendzone. How does this trap work?
If you get in a new surrounding (i.e. the gym, a new job, a club, etc.) where you are the new guy, the fresh meat – you will quickly be spotted by the thot. And just like that she gives you a sign she’s interested. It’s nothing to her, but you think it’s a clear sign. So you decide to go for it, start a conversation and attempt to seal the deal.
But little do you know – there’s no deal to be sealed.
By approaching her you gave her exactly what she wanted – validation. Her ego got the confirmation: She is attractive and hot enough for you to approach her. She is perfect.
And word by word you realize you’re going nowhere with her. You’re in the orbit.

The Rock that Breaks the Waves
All that shit you’ve just read is a hypothetical situation. Luckily, YOU – you’re not going to be that poor guy. Instead you will be the one who stands apart, the rock that breaks the restless waves of the thot torrent. And remember what we said many times before – when you stand apart, you become desired. Always keep that in mind.
Imagine this situation instead: You get into that new surrounding, and immediately she wants your tribute – your validation. But surprise, surprise! You don’t give a flying fuck about her “subtle” hints. You go about your business and you chase your own goals. Hell, maybe you’re even flirting with some other thotties. She is baffled. Here’s the guy who doesn’t even see her, let alone approach her. How is that possible?
That’s just how you avoid being manipulated. By being the rock.

Freedom – The Sweetest Reward
We need to mention one of the important rules of gaming – don’t s**t where you eat. If you decide to ignore our advices and approach these chicks in a place where you work, spend your time, and so on, you’re risking a lot more potential problems.
That should be a big no. Gaming women at your workplace, at the gym or any other place you visit daily and depend on. Because, if something goes wrong (and it will with these thots) you can say goodbye to a peaceful and normal functioning at that place. You will also risk losing your stature and SMV.
To avoid overt generalization, we’ll go out of our way to say this: not every girl you see is a manipulative thot that is only seeking your attention and validation. It would be pretty narrow minded to put every single woman under this term, but the truth is pretty close to that, unfortunately. In general you should be able to spot a difference between certain types of woman, and once you learn to do this efficiently, you’ll know which one is worth the trouble!

Gaming women can be a hard game to play sometimes. But remember that practice makes perfect. It’s a sad fact that a lot of women, and people in general, are sometimes really simple. This is why some of those self-obsessed women will only go after the validation – your confirmation of their physical beauty. But all the while, on the inside, they are rotten.
Knowing this is close to the core of being a free man.

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