The Real Issue in the Pookie and Ray Ray Debate

Pookie and Ray Ray are a couple of busy dudes.   It seems like they are not only messing up the Black community but they are getting all the women.   To hear some Black men talk, if it wasn’t for Pookie and Ray Ray the Black community would be a great place.   Pookie and Ray Ray, for those who are not hip to urban slang, is the collective name assigned to the, shall we say, lower elements in the Black male community.

Of course anyone politically astute should know better than to believe that the condition of the Black community lies solely at the feet of Pookie and Ray Ray.   The issue is more emotional than logical.  Looking at the issue logically the men who are considered Pookie and Ray Ray don’t control anything in the Black community.   Even the ones in street gangs don’t control anything.   The police, the National Guard, and the large number of federal law enforcement agencies can take those streets whenever they feel ready.    Not that they would need to.

Let’s be real the average Pookie is laying up on his sister’s couch smoking a joint.   The average Ray Ray is on his brother’s PlayStation.   The only thing the average Pookie and Ray Ray is controlling is how much food will remain in the fridge.  At least until his Uncle Junior kicks him out of the house.   Other than a nuisance what’s the real issue with Pookie and Ray Ray?   Maybe it’s the women.

Honestly the biggest argument against Pookie and Ray is not how they spend their days on the couch or what they do to the community.   The biggest issue revolves around women.  The general narrative is that Pookie and Ray Ray are getting the women.   Let examine that one for a bit.

True, more than a few Pookie and Ray Rays are doing their part to ensure that they pass their non-productive genes into the future.   There are more than a few young women who want to help them do so.   The question is it all the women?   According to many Black men it is the vast majority of Black women who want to procreate and in general have sex with Pookie and Ray Ray.   That thought, however, doesn’t stand up to scrutiny and investigation.   In this regard it’s a question of social class.

Yes the Pookie and Ray Rays of the world do get attention from women.   Upon closer examination the women falling for the seductive charms of Pookie and Ray Ray tend to be women in the same social class.   If Pookie and Ray Ray are non-productive drains on society the women who tend to find them attractive are on the same level.   The women who find Pookie and Ray Ray attractive tend to be lower class or even poverty level.    Women of a higher class tend not to find such men attractive.

The women of higher social classes tend to want men of the same social class or higher.  That’s the true meaning of the word, hypergamy.   Women want to trade up.   The men who complain most about Pookie and Ray Ray tend to be of higher social classes.   Indeed these men do get attention from Black women.   So what’s the problem?   So this is where we get to the real issue in the Pookie and Ray Ray debate.   It’s not that Pookie and Ray Ray are getting all the women.  It’s that they are getting the most SEXUALLY appealing women.

An interesting phenomenon in the Black community, indeed in Western culture itself, is that the lower the social class, the more sexually appealing a woman will present herself.   The lower class woman will wear low cut shirts and booty shorts.   They will wear thongs like regular underwear.   Many better situated Black men are mad at Pookie and Ray Ray for getting the sexiest women.   That’s it.   Everything else is a smokescreen.

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