The Real Reason Black Women Get Mad at Seeing Black Men with White Women

A long running theme in the Black community has been Black women getting mad seeing Black men with white women.   Black women will call these men sellouts, traitors, and every name under the sun.  Never mind that the same women are probably sleeping with a white man.  We won’t go there in this article.   The point is that this social dynamic gets Black women particularly upset.   Being the curious, and some say nosy person, that I am, I have questioned Black as to why they get mad with seeing Tyrone with Becky.   They would give me many answers.

The most common answer is that there is a shortage of good Black men.  Okay that sounds reasonable.    Being a person with an inquiring mind I would ask if that is the case why are they ignoring the five single Black men who keep blowing up their phones.  I never got a good answer for that one.  Then there were the women who had a boyfriend or husband.   Sometimes both with a third dude in the friendzone.   That they fixed their mouths to say that there was a shortage of good Black men always amazed.   So why would they be concerned about a brotha with a white woman?

Another factor I found is when a Black woman would get mad that a brotha SHE rejected would find happiness with a white woman.   I would ask why?   They would give reasons like he could have been a good man for another Black woman.   I found this to be ironic since many Black women are competitive with each other to the point of hatred and many of these same sisters who say they are looking out for other Black women will sleep with their best friend’s husband.   Let’s just say this particular answer didn’t fly with me.   So what is the real reason Black women get mad at seeing Black men with white women?

The best type of Black women are the honest ones.   These women usually come from poor or lower working class urban environments.   The call things the way they are.   I worked with such a woman at a gym.   We had a variety of people at the gym.   So of course we had a few interracial couples.   This woman at the gym said the real reason Black women get mad at seeing Black men with white women.   She saw the couple and said to me, “she’s going to get that money.”   It’s all about the money.

One thing I peeped when Black women talked about Black men/white women couples.   It’s not so much they talked about the money aspect.   It’s what they don’t talk about.   I have never heard a Black woman say, “Hey look, we just another Black man with character, honor, and intelligence, to a white woman.”   I’ve never even heard them say they lost a “good looking brotha” to white women.   If one pays attention to the sisters they always say something related to the money thing.  For example many will say that once a brotha makes some money he will get a white woman.

To me that says many Black women don’t care for a man beyond how much money he has.  Indeed for many Black women Black men are invisible to them unless they look like Idris Elba.   Even someone who looks like Idris need to have good credit and a six figure job for many Black women.   I have gone on record as saying a successful man may be the real standard in the Black community.

There’s a whole lot that can be said sistas chasing after money.   For this article though just understand that sistas are not mad at the brotha for simply getting a white woman.   Most sistas don’t lose sleep over a broke dude getting with Becky.   The sistas are really getting mad at the brothas for not spending their hard-earned money on them.

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