The Return to Tradition is the Only Way Forward

It doesn’t take much to turn this world around. It is always at a tilt, falling backwards a little as every new year comes. Technology brings ease, ease brings boredom, boredom brings decadence. It is the whirlwind of the 21st century, a long and dark tunnel with no end in sight. And even if the end is found, the light there will be fallow and cold.
Yes, gentlemen, today we will go old school. We will talk about traditions and good, old values. Let us allow you to step back for a moment, outside of this world in which you live, the world of thots, riches, mumble rap and drugs. Let all those of you who value life, who value themselves as men and want to fight for success, let them see a world without moral decadence, without hedonism and mindlessness. Today is one of those day when we take a look at the good times that are gone, when tradition was firm and it brought a thriving world – a man’s world. And together, we will attempt to realize just why tradition is the only safe harbor for young men today – the only way forward.

A Sinking Ship
This world is a sinking ship. It is quickly going below the waves of a decadent, degrading sea, and young men are left to float or sink. What do we mean? Well, today, for young people especially, every form of a traditional, settled life with strong moral values and a family way of life, is strongly discouraged, nearly impossible. The reality was thrust headlong into a grotesque theatre of mental illnesses (read: lgbt), destruction of any and every moral value and decency, a massacre of culture in its every form. Today, being a traditional, good standing man with a love of true values – is a thing looked down upon. You will be at the margins immediately. But no matter.
Because tradition is the ONLY way forward. It is the only way to live and succeed. Without it the world turns into a charade.
Think of marriage. At one point in life, you might want to settle and raise a family. Cool, cool. One question, though. Who you gonna marry? Because in 90% of the cases, the woman you meet will be a thot – a self-proclaimed “free spirited”, “empowered” woman, taking pride in the number of d**ks she sucked so far. She is repulsed and disgusted by marriage, children, family life and housewives. In every sense of the word, she is a murderer – of tradition, of life, of her nation and her people. She is nothing but a hole. So, we’ll ask again – who you gonna marry?
Think of employment. If you don’t fight for yourself, become an entrepreneur – risk and invest, create and succeed – you will most likely end up with a 9 to 5 job which you hate. You might end up in a colorful environment – a place packed chock full with feminists, thots, cucks and gender-bender nutcases. And each one will seek to diminish masculine values – YOUR values, seeking to attack you and accuse you if you don’t praise and uphold their degenerate values. And guess on whose side people will flock. Yup, not yours.

The Strong Survive
And now you wonder, who can thrive and succeed in this upside down world? The strong can. Those with an iron will and an unflinching gaze set upon the path ahead. Fight against this new world. Do the right thing even if the entire world is doing the opposite. Of course, you will have to know it in your heart – what the right thing to do is.
If you follow your way, one day you will attract a likeminded person. Because good men shine like beacons, they will attract those of equal worth. You just need to keep in mind that reverting to the old ways means life. And living in this modern life of sex, drugs and money is death.

With each day we are faced with the diminishing light in this world. Our aim is to gather around us men who think the same. To use this manosphere to spread a message of worth and a fight for the truth. That fight starts here, and it starts now. We hope to further work on this message in our future articles. Until then we will need your thoughts on this. Comment below – what is your opinion on the world today? The sluts, the ridicule, the lack of values and culture. We value your opinion and it will help us discuss this in future articles. Let us know if you are with us in this fight.

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