The Rules of the Texting Game

A lot of men today, men who want to fight, to play the game, are desperately trying to hold and control all the strings attached. Sometimes it becomes an overwhelming and difficult task to juggle with all the different aspects of social interactions, gaming women and achieving success in your personal life. As they do this, they often disregard how undermining and negative some of the simple things can be. One of these things is texting. While a lot of people depend on it, a larger percentage of people are doing it way too much. Women especially. Some of them depend on texting, either as means of manipulation, or the means of approval, attention, etc. When dating, gaming or simply interacting with women through text messages, you will quickly see the countless negative aspects tied to it. It can very easily become a dangerous minefield, and a single wrong step can put your neck on the stump. The texting is a woman’s game, her weapon and her preferred battlefield. That puts you in…a tactical disadvantage, shall we say. So how exactly should you go about that pesky texting? What can you learn from it? Read on, as we go in depth at the do’s and don’ts of the texting game.

Trapping Yourself
Here’s the deal – When you begin the texting game the excitement can cloud your judgment. And as you disregard what is being typed, the information you give away, you will quickly fall into quick sand – a carefully laid trap that you fell into. Getting out is a difficult task. Some persons are never-ending attention seekers. You know who those are. They will attempt to suck you into their world of unending texting, 24h per day, in which they will try to test all your masculine and personal aspects. To prevent this, you must set the rules of the texting game early on.
For a rational man, who thinks of his acts and their consequences (a man who has a plan), these rules are simple. Texting should be at a bare minimum. One golden rule is to text only for logistics. This means to use the texting only for your convenience, and that is to set up dates, confirm necessary information and other important things. You can portray your own self worth through texting as well, however silly that can sound. You show that there are more important and fulfilling things on your daily schedule other than spending your precious time texting.

Minimize the Difficulties
There are several positive aspects to keeping texting to an absolute bare minimum. A lot of useless information is passed through texting. It consumes time and wears down the interest in a person much more quickly. Considering you are a man with a mission, you’ll have no time to waste on sitting with a phone in your hand typing away pointless shit for hours. If you DO have time to do that, then you’re doing something wrong and you need to retrace your steps.
The next aspect is that you can be in control. You’re a busy man. You decide when and IF you will answer a text. It shows you are not a clingy dweeb and that you are not dependent.
And lastly, the tests. Texting a thot is, as we said, a minefield. One wrong text and you’re out. What you want to do instead, is set up a date. All meaningful and important interaction is done face to face. Forget about that myth that you can game a woman over texts. That’s horses**t.
Now, as you use the texts only for logistics (this should be your new rule #1), you can also play that to your rules. Make it your tactical advantage. As you do it, remember some guidelines. Never ask questions, unless, logically, you must. This allows for dominance – you decide when, if, what, where. You lead, others follow.

As we come to the close of this article, we can hope you get a glimpse in the importance of the texting and how quickly it can put you in a wrong spot. Nobody loves a clingy, desperate person who cannot stop texting. It just puts all the importance of real social interaction into the shadows and destroys the interest that two persons might have in one another. So just do yourself a favor right now. Rethink your texting game and implement some of the advices. You will quickly see how easier everything becomes – in every aspect.

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