The Secrets to Independence

What is the wildest wish in every man’s core? What is the key to every person’s happiness? It is independence.
For a person to reach full independence from the many things that are setting them back is certainly a feeling of fulfillment, and comes quite close to happiness.
But unfortunately, a lot of people, and many young guys especially, are struggling to break free from their problems and can’t find a way to deal with the way things are in the modern world. They struggle and fail over and over again – never quite finding that independence they are looking for.
If you still feel unhappy with the way things are in your life at the moment – don’t lose hope. Read on as we discuss the key aspects of life that will lead to independence – aka a freedom to live the life you want to.

Know What You Want
To begin your path towards a happier and independent life, you will need to know where it is you’re heading. Have a glimpse at least, a faintest idea. By knowing what you want, by having a goal you’re going towards, you will make everything much smoother and rewarding. It is one of the natural qualities of a man to have a healthy and real goal to which he will strife, and also to have the confidence to fulfill it.
So, if you have no motivation, no goal or a mission in life – you’re sadly, doing something wrong. But it’s never too late to fix that mistake.  Just remember that if your  goal is within the boundaries of reason – it is not impossible.
Because the only way you can lose this game in life is if you’re fighting, but you don’t know what you are fighting for. Men are like warriors – you need a goal, a mission to strive for, in order for this fight to make sense, to not wear you down. You will have to find a purpose whether you like it or not. If you don’t, at one point in your life it is going to be too late for it. For goals and independence. And at that point in time you will feel the bitter taste of regret.  So waste no time – find a mission, a love, a hobby – a fulfillment, and fight for it. That is the first step on the road to independence.

Independence = Freedom
You will need to learn to shed the opinions and pressures of those around you. Most people, aside of your closest ones, will want to see you fail in one way or another, or to place their influence and their opinions on your tab. But this is where your goals and strivings come into play. Once you have that vision right in front of your eyes, and a dedication to pursue your goal to whatever end – it becomes so much easier to deal with the shit other people serve you. You simply move past it. Because you are dedicated to your mission. And this is the key to feeling a freedom in your life. You are living life according to your rules and wishes. Others can’t influence you, can’t touch you or demotivate you.

The Secret Ingredient
Living life in the way you want to is the biggest aspect of a fulfilled man’s life. But only you can make sure that those rules are true to the right masculine values. Most of them we went through on this Manosphere. But for the sake of sheer importance, we will mention the biggest and the best secret ingredient when it comes to independence. And that, gentlemen, is independence from women. Teach yourself to find real values in life. If you dedicate all your time, efforts and goals only to chase women, and if you find your fulfillment in between her legs, you are sadly doing a wrong thing. Of course, gaming women is a big part in the manosphere – you SHOULD do it. But it should be the sole purpose of your “fight”. Remember that women are only on the sidelines in a man’s life. The rest is reserved for success, wealth, respect and honor.

We hope that you can gather some tips and clues from this brief article. Remember to fill your life as much as you can with worthy and rewarding things, and to give yourself attainable goals that you can fulfill – no matter how hard it might be to get there. Because hard work and sweat you give for success and for the creation of your own vision of the world – is the sure way to find that important independence in your life.

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