The Simp Chronicles

Problems In Black Society

Simps as of late just like the dysfunctional females they protect have become a curse and a pestilence upon black society, they seek to defend women at every turn and refuse to hold them accountable for their deliberate shortfalls and wrong doings. The simp will always seek to blame the man and absolve the woman, of course this is a completely dishonest practice and additionally it is noted that no relationship can remain healthy with such an unbalanced construct in place.

The simp is typically a beta male who will bend over backwards for the woman, usually in the form of lavishing her with money and material possessions. He will even resort to self disrespect in order to please her in the hopes of getting access to some sex or syphoning money from her coffers. Let us briefly take a look at some of the simps who operate within black society or who take advantage of it from the outside.


Derrick Jaxn runs more of a simp to pimp formula, recognising that most black women are insecure boneheads and complete numbskulls who latch onto the words of anyone who whispers sweet nothings in their ears and tells them that they are great, Jaxn has decided to capitalise upon their vulnerability and cash in. Thus he panders towards black women in order to pimp them.

For the most part his simp to pimp formula has been a success, Jaxn has his own website where black women as we speak are flooding in and buying up his merchandise by the truckloads. As I stated in Negro Wars, black women enjoy being pimped and placed upon the merchandising chopping block. This is why they will flock towards the males of black society who will simply use them and move on. Jaxn is a self-proclaimed relationship expert and motivational speaker.


Angel is yet another individual who panders and placates towards black women. Jordan just like Jaxn also has a website in which he sells merchandise which is meant to “uplift the black woman”. Though his website is not as popular as Jaxn’s, Jordan still has a fair number of black females buying from his online store.

Angel Ramirez Jordan ought to know better as it wasn’t so long ago that the queen of the swirl movement Christelyn Karazin and her band of degenerate cohorts turn on Angel during a Google hangout and forced him to tuck tail and run. Of course being the beta simp that he is eventually he came back grovelling at their feet begging for forgiveness for his transgressions even though they clearly wronged him. Jordan just like Jaxn and your average garden variety simp does not hold black women accountable for their deplorable actions.


Jacob Mason is the black woman’s dream, everything was going good for Angel Ramirez Jordan until Jacob Mason came onto the scene with his video entitled Why I Love Black Women. From there Mason took off placing Angel on the back burner. Of course as I have discussed many times before the black woman’s number one choice is the white man, she only tolerates and deals with black men because white men by and large are not interested in black women en masse.

If white men in large numbers all of sudden began to show a keen interest in black women, most black women would immediately abandon black men and swarm around their white slave masters. Mason the last I knew of it was running an interracial dating site called Swirl Mingle, however I do believe that the site is no longer operational. Albeit, here is an article that was put out in relation to its launch 2 years ago:

And here is the link to the Twitter account related to the website:


Aseem in the same manner as Jaxn is a self-proclaimed motivational speaker and relationship expert. Aseem like the rest of the simps listed does not hold black women accountable for their irresponsible and reckless decisions, rather as per the scriptures of the simp chronicles he will seek to blame black men for black women’s shortfalls. Aseem promotes the idea that men namely black men should accept and deal with single mothers and the single mother culture, something which I strongly speak against not only in Negro Wars but also on my website Slaying Evil.

Aseem struggled for years to find his “queen”, eventually settling for a mixed race single mother. It’s ironic that through his endless uplifting of black women, the woman Aseem would finally settle down with would be of mixed heritage. Maybe he understands the fact the closer to black you get, typically the more problems the woman will bring. In 2017 as a free thinking black man in order to find a decent woman you must either heavily dilute the black bloodline or depart from it altogether.

Here is his Instagram page:

Aseem also runs his own blog which can be seen here:


This man has to be one of the most self flagellating power simps to ever walk the planet. A member of the Kardashian family Rob decided to get together with an ex stripper who goes by the name of Blac Chyna. Men all over the world especially thinking black men had been decrying the relationship, stating that she was only using him for his money.

Then Rob Kardashian decided to do something even more reckless and foolish, he got Blac Chyna pregnant. Of course from that point the fix was in, Blac Chyna had successfully managed to set herself up financially for the next 18 years. The baby has since been born and as predicted the last I heard they both had separated though this situation could have changed.

Why he ever decided to deal with a broken beyond repair black female yet alone an ex stripper is beyond me. Well, if you deal with trash then disaster typically will be the outcome.


Russell Wilson for those who may not know is a quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL. Beta male Wilson in the same manner as Ebrahim Aseem decided to pick himself a single mother, an RnB singer by the name of Ciara who already had a child by a rapper who goes by the name of Future. Now it is evident that Ciara hasn’t gotten over her split with Future as she seems to enjoy using Wilson and her son as pawns in her aims to take shots at Future for leaving her.

It seems that Wilson is oblivious to the fact that he is being used and what is additionally observable is the fact that Ciara doesn’t really look as if she is into Wilson at all. Well of course she isn’t, Ciara is simply a glorified hood rat who like most black females is attracted to the fast life, gangster, criminal, thug, unproductive, rough neck element of black male society.

Wilson is simply filling in the gap, however many predict that the marriage will not last, some have given it 5 years, others even less, we’ll see. Ciara just like Blac Chyna is a broken beyond repair black female, thus naturally she has a yearning for black men of the same caliber.


There are more simps out there that could have been named, however I simply chose to deal with a few that I personally am very familiar with just to give you a basic overview of Simp City and some of the men who reside therein. None of these above men have any standards, they either manipulate and use women for their money or they will throw their money in a woman’s direction in the hopes of getting sex or buying her love.

Who is the common denominator here, black women. Black women tend to be the easiest targets for manipulation due to their ultra low levels of self-confidence and self-esteem which is already in the toilet. These simps gas up the heads of these women instead of forcing them to be responsible, accountable, honest, humble and pious. As far as I am concerned, dysfunctional black women and the simps who support them can both burn in the fire together.


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