The Temple of Iron – Do’s and Dont’s in the Gym

In all our time here at Negromanosphere, we always gave it our best shot at delivering to you the content that is essential for every man. The gaming, the status, the paper and the style. We tried to cover all of it. And in all those subjects, one stood out as most important – always. It’s the fundamental aspect of every successful man. And we won’t go into details why that is so. You should already know what we’re talking about and why it is important – it’s the gym. It’s your own temple of iron. To read more about why it’s important that you always find time for the gym, check out some of our related articles, like the Dedication guide, or the No Approaching rule. While these articles can help out with some basic ideas, today we’ll talk about something more delicate. About a certain etiquette that you need to look after when in the one place that is so important for you. Since gym is literally the place where you get to change your life in every aspect, there are certain things that you definitely want to avoid. Let’s talk about this, and make it clear what the do’s and the don’ts are.

The Place Where You’re Serious
We don’t know about you, but we love going to the gym. It’s the part of the day and the week we look forward to the most. Once there, the brain is in its own element. Not to mention the pump we get from lifting those heavy weights. The place is everything a man might want and it’s the perfect feeling. To ruin it with some stupid mistakes would be a great pity.
Let’s think logically. There are things you hate seeing in the gym. With that, it’s simple – don’t repeat the mistakes of others. Some of the biggest no-no’s are:
• Bad Hygiene
This should be the number one priority. Listen, just like you, I’m paying good money for the privilege of using this gym. Now, I ain’t paying to wipe your stale sweat of the benches. Be polite, carry a towel with you, or use the wipes provided in the gym. Clean the benches when you are finished. Also, wear clean and ironed out clothing and clean gym shoes. Do everything you need to be a clean, respectable gym member, and you will be surprised at how much more you will be respected.
• Rude Behavior
Lose that stupid idea that rudeness is the same thing as being an alpha – it’s totally not. Don’t be that guy that is loud, obnoxious and demands his right to a machine. You’ll lose face, and could easily lose your membership. It’s not that hard to be polite, while still being a player. Is the machine occupied? Politely ask when will it be free, or if you could work in together. More than often you can make a new acquaintance, or use it as a chance to open a chick and start a convo. Whatever the case, politeness will always work in your favor.
• Approaching
This is such a big, and a very difficult DON’T, that we even dedicated a whole article to it. It’s a burning dilemma in every manosphere – to approach or not. Gym is full of thots, and more than often you get the urge to game and try your luck. But trust us, it will only bring troubles. Are you ready to risk it all for a possible lay? It might be a bad idea.

Don’t Shit Where You Eat
Following these patterns of proper behavior and following these unwritten rules could turn out to be so much of an advantage. Hell, it could even open some fresh new doors and earn you a respect that will put you one step ahead of others. Avoiding to do certain things will help, especially if you are dedicated to your goals and are a familiar face in the gym. The more often you’re there, the greater the risk is. But there are always some things you SHOULD do.
• Be Consistent
Gym is not a pastime. It’s not a light cardio to be taken so simply. The gym is all about dedication. That’s why you need to be consistent, regular and always giving your max. Once people notice that you are dedicated, they will quickly take you much more seriously. Certainly much more than the people that are there once or twice a month. Remember, consistent equals respected.
• Be Respectful
You’re probably not the only one there who thinks like that. There are a lot more guys who are on a path of improvement and self-respect. That’s why you should never look down upon others who are there to work out. Be respectful of their efforts. Imagine you see a big ol’ fat chubby guy, sweating his butt off in the gym. Just the fact he’s there earns him your utmost respect. He’s fighting. It goes for all the people there. Respect and be respected.
• Be an Example
Combining all these rules above into a single etiquette will quickly set you apart. It will make you an example. And if you manage to become a person that others can look up to, and take inspiration from, then you’re doing a good job. It also means your SMV is getting higher and higher, which makes you a desired man. Be an example – be desired.
Conclusion – Better That Way
What are your rules for the gym? Do you have any experiences you’d like to share with the readers? The best way to learn is to compare. Has approaching in the gym ever done you wrong? Share your thoughts and comment below, we’d like to hear from you. And until the next time, keep busting yo ass in the gym – no compromises!

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