The Top 5 Reasons Black Men Should Live Abroad

The World Belongs To You!

Living abroad will be the best decision you ever make. I never saw the importance, or necessity, of living abroad while growing up. It was not talked about in school and the only person I knew who was from another country was my Middle School math teacher. I believe he was Kenyan. As I got older I set out on the normal American path laid out before me. Go to college, get a degree, get a job, and then begin to work in someplace for the next 30 years of life. People where I’m from didn’t get around much. To them traveling was considered going from Baltimore to Miami on the weekend. And when people did leave the country, it was always to the Bahamas, or Jamaica. Nothing was known about traveling to Brazil, or Colombia, or the Dominican Republic. And all that I knew about Mexico was what the news told me. Newspaper articles made it seem like all of Mexico was trying to illegally sneak into the United States. I saw reports on the about the infamous MS-13 gang and how violent they were. Therefore, I had the perception that all of Mexico was like that. Traveling to Africa was only reserved for the rich black Americans who could afford to take off of work and fly across the Atlantic Ocean. But the most important fact is that everyone who left always came back because they were simply visiting. They went to Jamaica, or the Bahamas, for a vacation. They went to Africa to learn about their history and what their ancestors went through, but they always came back to the United States. Never did I know about anyone who left the United States and moved to another country for good. I didn’t know that was possible until I saw a YouTube video of an interview with Oshay Duke Jackson and Taylor Made Dreams in 2018. It blew my mind to see a black man living on a foreign island outside of the United States. By then, I knew it was possible, but I just never saw it for myself. However, after watching more and more travel videos of black men living outside of the United States I soon started to realize that what was once considered impossible was very possible and that many black men were doing it. They were living amazing lives in a foreign country and they had no intentions of coming back to the United States. There are 5 crucially important reasons why black men should live abroad.

1. It Opens Your Mind To Countless Possibilities 

We are limited by our own beliefs. That sounds very cliché, but it’s true. We don’t think something is possible unless we’ve seen someone else do it. Where I come from, we didn’t think going to college and graduating was possible. We hadn’t seen anyone else do it, therefore, we never even considered attempting it. This is why many black men today are first generation college graduates. Once you travel to your first country and you go through immigration it will change your perspective. I can remember going to Mexico for the first time. Arriving in the Cancun airport and then catching the bus to Merida was a completely new experience for me. However, I said to myself “If I can do this in Mexico then I can do this anywhere.” There is no telling who you will meet and what new opportunities life will present you. The reason that a lot of black men see no hope is because no one has ever shown them another way. No one has ever shown them that there is a life out there that is more peaceful, more calm, and more serene than what they are accustomed to living.

2. You Don’t Have To Be A Labor Slave

You don’t have slave away for years of your life working for a dream that they told you to have. I made a video on my YouTube channel about why the American dream is dead to me. In that video, I explained that most of us are living in a Matrix and running a rat race that we don’t even know we are in. We scrape and claw for years and years just to get scraps and morsels. Do you honestly believe that people want to sit behind the same desk for 20 years of their life Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm doing the same thing over and over? Do you believe that people want to deal with annoying coworkers and verbally abusive bosses? No, but millions do it everyday. And why do they do it? Because they are participating in the American dream. They have a goal of having a white picket fence on a hill with a golden labrador retriever and a nice car in the driveway. But I always ask one question. Is that your dream you are living? Or are you fulfilling someone else’s dream by being a cog in the wheel. Now don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. There is nothing wrong with working for what you want. If you truly desire to have the nice home and car then you should go for it. But make sure that it’s something that you want. Personally, owning a home was never a desire for me. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a family. However, even more so now owning a home and car is extremely far from my radar. Those items would tie me down to one specific place, and for the traveling black man being tied down is one of the worst feelings ever.

3. The Money You Save Over A Lifetime Is Monumental

You will save an exorbitant amount of money over the course of your life. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average salary of a black man age 25 – 54 is $850 USD per week. That’s $3400 USD per month or $44,200 USD per year. I can admit that in the United States making that much money will stretch you pretty thin. With the average rent price in the US being $1100 USD – $1400 USD monthly (not including utilities) what does that leave you with? After car payments and other bills you are scraping by. And that’s the story of most black men. Simply scraping by in life. Not having more than a few nickels to rub together at a time. When you move to a country where the cost of living is cut in half or a third, it will truly open your eyes. That $44,200 in the United States that left you feeling poor now turns you into a high income individual in another country. You can have the same quality and standards that you are accustomed to, but pay significantly less. This is why more and more people are working online. What the pandemic taught us is that most of the work that we did in the past can be done online. We don’t need to come into the office for a business meeting, we can use zoom. And if you can use zoom from your home, then you can use zoom on the beach thousands of miles away. The internet has truly revolutionized what is possible for black men. Now, more than ever, black men can become entrepreneurs and start small businesses. These businesses might not make much money by US standards, but they make enough to sustain you in a foreign country to where you can live an elevated lifestyle.

4. Dating In The United States Is A Radioactive Wasteland

Dating is a different ball game in the United States. It has permanently changed for the worse. Dating is a minefield in the United States for black men. The women are becoming more and more entitled and it’s driving a majority of men out of the dating pool. Many women have expressed that they now want men to earn 6 figures and up in order for them to be considered as eligible bachelors. If the average black man earns $44k USD per year according to the BLS, do you know how many black men are knocked out of the dating pool for eligible black women? It’s millions. Furthermore, many of the women who require these high earning men don’t really offer anything of substance to the man. Often times they will come attached with a premade family (kids), not be in good shape (55% of black women are obese), and have mountains of debt (school loans, credit card, etc.). I don’t say this to cast judgment, but only to point out statistics and show that even high earning black men don’t have much to choose from. Which is why the few very highly desired women get passed around by the same high-earning black men in a specific industry. Now, when you come to a foreign country and are earning an income that puts you in an upper tier it completely changes the playing field. You just went from the bottom of the dating pool to the top of the dating pool. Universally, women want men who are attractive, healthy, and make a good living. There are no definitive values on any of those attributes, but the more you can have of them all the better you will be. So, being fit, and attractive, and earning a good income will expand your dating options overseas exponentially. Additionally, many men express that the women overseas are more attractive than women in the United States. Again, that is subjective, however, what’s not subjective is that women in these foreign countries are much more fit and healthy. Especially in countries like Ghana, Brazil, Thailand, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. It would only make sense that the average man would have a much better dating life and experience overseas than compared to the United States. And this is confirmed by the many black men who have left the United States and not only visited another country, but now live there.

5. You Can Never Experience True Freedom Living In The United States

You truly get to experience freedom when you leave the land of the free. The black male travel experience is the most unique travel experience. From dealing with prejudice and racism, to being questioned in immigration, to having funny stares in first class. Traveling for black men has its own hurdles, however, once you get to your destination where you feel at peace and where you are best treated then you will know what freedom feels like. For me, freedom is waking up and looking at ocean waves crashing on the beach. Freedom is not being discriminated upon in any establishment because of my skin color. Freedom is knowing that you are no longer a rat in the wheel and a slave in the Matrix. Unfortunately, many black men will never experience that for a number of reasons. Maybe they are unable to leave, or they are afraid to leave. Yet, for the black men who get a taste of freedom it’s a reason why they immediately make plans to leave the United States and move to another country of their choosing. This does not mean that all of your problems will magically go away, but this does mean that your stress levels will be significantly reduced, which will no doubt increase your life expectancy. Therefore, I implore all black men to apply for your passport and discover just what the world has to offer you. You don’t have to live in a society where you are undervalued and underappreciated. Always remember that the world is yours, therefore, never be afraid to go out and explore.

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