The Travesty That Has Become The Undateable Black Woman

It is an absolute tragedy that black women have become toxic to black men. It wasn’t always this way what with the civil rights movement of the 60s and 70s when sisters had to stand by their oppressed husbands as they fought for equal rights for themselves, their families, and our race. There was never any question as to what their collective role was as the woman of the household and they were always happy to uphold their end of the bargain no matter how difficult life was at any given time.

But as feminism began to erode the femininity and overall quality of women in the west, black women started to fall prey as well. It took a little longer to seep into their mindset, but eventually it took root and began to fester and spread like a virus.

Black feminism has made black women unbearable

Decades of “you go girl” culture has produced multiple generations of black women who couldn’t give less of a shit about the needs of black men while not realizing they need us now more than ever. Though they’d never admit that out loud, they know the score…..and they know we know the score which is why they’re in a perpetual state of anger.

Let’s take a look at why black women are a bad bet for us. There’s no need talking about the solutions because as we’re all well aware of, they’ll just  ignore them and get angrier.

Women Run The Show In The Black Community

During my appearance on Obsidian Radio Live on November 20th, one of the other guests, Black Gnostic Speaks, dropped this nugget (and I’m paraphrasing here) during our discussion about the state of black feminism in the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election:

“The black community is run by black women. Everywhere you look it’s black women in charge of this or that.”

I’d never thought of that before but as soon as he said it, I knew he was right and my experience in the ATL confirmed it. Atlanta is the self proclaimed de facto “black mecca” because of the high number of blacks in the area. It’s clear from the jump as soon as you set foot within the city limits, that African Americans make up the biggest demographic percentage without having to refer to any statistics.

A lot of black women own businesses

Getting back to BGS’s statement, the prominence of women in the black community is eye-opening. From elected officials, to city leaders, to business owners, all the way down to individual households, sisters regularly outrank men.

A discussion for the reasons this is is for another column for another time. But the state of Black America’s deplorable state is in part because so much of it is dictated by black females. Thanks to Tyler Perry movies and absentee fathers and their entitlement complexes (more on this in a bit) bestowed upon them by black feminism, they believe it is their birthright to be leaders and heads of households.

“Alright, Donovan we get it. But what’s that got to do with dating or fucking them?”

Simple: Leadership is a masculine characteristic. And when a masculine trait is taught to females from the time they’re girls, it becomes the norm and ultimately becomes who they are. And regardless of what men say in public, none of them want to commit to, date, or even fuck women who are masculine.

Remember “Angela” from Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? Remember her incessant bitching and yelling and her constant battle to take control and lead the relationship? Black women watch this garbage and think this behavior is attractive.

Women of all races don’t want men who act feminine so why would we want women who act masculine?

Black Gnostic Speak’s observation cuts right to the heart of one of the reasons African American women aren’t attractive in 2016: They act like men.

The Bionic Entitlement Monkey

The mainstream manosphere has a metaphor for the condition that makes females think they deserve the best of everything regardless of what they bring to the table as women:

The Entitlement Monkey.

The Entitlement Monkey is loosely defined as the condition women are infected with as the result of being told they’re beautiful no matter what their size, that they deserve the best of everything regardless of what baggage they have or bad decisions they’ve made in the past. They literally expect high value men to be lining up for them for no other reason but that they’re women and they deserve it.

Black women think they deserve men who look like and makes six figures

Got 4 kids by 3 different men? You deserve a man with no kids who’s willing to ‘man up’ and take care of the kids your baby daddies left behind.

Overweight or obese? You are big and beautiful and perfect just the way you are! Plus you deserve a man with washboard abs.

No job and living in Section 8 housing and get food stamps every month? You deserve a man with not 1 but 2 jobs who’s responsible with his money and willing to spend it to make you happy.

But it doesn’t stop there. Even if you were one or more of the 3 IBMs (Ideal Black Man) above, they find something to complain about. If you don’t have any kids they ask themselves “Why doesn’t he have any kids? Is something wrong with him?”

The first problem with black feminism is that it tells women and girls “You don’t have to change a thing girl he should love you just the way you are!” This makes females lazy, complacent, and gives them an excuse to shovel pizza and ice cream into their faces all day long and skip the gym.

The second problem is that it tells us we have be Shemar Moore with a 15” cock just to have the ‘privilege’ of being talked to by these land whales who wake up on the wrong side of the bed every day…

…and they why we fuck white girls on the regular.

The bottom line with the entitlement monkey condition is that sisters expect us to accept their kids, their baggage, and their engrained hatred of us while we’re supposed to be free of anything that impedes our attention from them and worship the ground they walk on if they merely grace us with their presence.

No thanks, baby girl….I’ll pass.

In their defense…

…I can’t say I blame black women for being pissed off at the world. They’re at the bottom of the sexual totem pole in terms of females that men prefer. They are well aware of the fact that, aesthetically speaking, men of value regardless of race would holler at white girls, Latinas, Asians, and even Indian girls (“dots” and “feathers”) before considering a roll in the hay with a sister.

I have a weakness for Latinas

Another reason I understand their angst is black feminism itself. Black feminism has sold them a bad bill of goods. African American women were promised a great life if they became masculine leaders of their households, got college degrees, and ‘demanded only the best’ without having to improve themselves.

My empathy, however, falls well short of sympathy because they’re too stupid to realize black feminism has led them astray. It’s one thing to be upset about getting shit on by the entire country at large but because their indignation is misplaced (read: they’re pissed off at black men rather than black feminism) I couldn’t care less about their fucked up lives and if you’re being honest with yourself, neither do you.

“We confess! It’s your fault!”

A huge problem with black women in general is that when we bring issues to the forefront or talk about what they can do to make themselves more attractive, they respond with vitriol, fury, and butt hurt.

They bitch about the complaints we make then rationalize why they can’t be helped or controlled:

“I’m not fat, I’m big boned!”

“I have a thyroid issue so I can’t lose weight!”

“I’m allergic to condoms!”

“All my baby daddies aren’t around because they left for no reason! I’m the perfect woman!”

“I’m a bitch because niggas ain’t shit!”

…and on and on.

I’ve written about my embarrassing failures with women on Return Of Kings and in each one of my stories, I talk about the red flags I missed on account of my lack of game and experience. But I also acknowledged that I wasn’t nearly man enough to deserve the kind of woman I wanted.

Of course it’s not your fault you’re 200 lbs overweight

I was overweight, financially irresponsible, and unmotivated. I had to accept that if I wanted to be in the company of attractive, feminine women I had to make myself an attractive, masculine man. I inherently knew that being 300 lbs and broke as a joke wasn’t gonna cut it so I rather than bitching about my current state and making excuses, I got off my ass and did something about it.

Black females don’t accept their faults or flaws and they damn sure don’t take responsibility for them. Rather than taking a look in the mirror and being accountable for their shortcomings they make excuses then get combative. Then wonder “Why can’t I find a good man?”

What really burns them up is that black men are becoming increasingly indifferent to the complaints of sisters. They write articles, make tv appearances, and do podcasts about how ‘fucked up brothers are these days’ but they’re quickly figuring out we’re giving less of a damn as time goes on.

But when we complain about them they get all up in arms. The reason for this is as clear as day to both sides:

Sisters know we’re their only option while our options are almost limitless. Females are many things, stupid isn’t one of them. Though they’d never admit it, black chicks know that the only men who are willing to commit to or wife them up are brothers.

Sure, they’ll lie to themselves and others by pointing out a friend of theirs who has a white boyfriend or got married to a white guy but they know as well as anyone the exception does not make the rule.

Take Away

Within the context of the battle between black men and women, it’s advantage us and sisters know it. If any man wonders to himself “Why are black women so angry?” look no further than the fact that at the end of the day black men can achieve happiness without them while the inverse is damn near impossible.

That’s an incredible cross to bear for the typical black woman but when it comes down to it, it’s not our problem. If sisters want to live happier lives and consolidate on a high value man they respect and love it’s on them to make the changes necessary.

We’ve got better shit to do than to help females who’ve spit in our faces for decades. So if a black female ever bitches to you about their shitty lives and how they’ve gotten the short end of the stick which has made them all but undateable and how it’s our fault, this simple yet succinct response is the only way you should respond:

“Not my problem.”

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