The Trump Effect

Weed Stocks Blowing Up

You know, this past weekend, my girl and I watched this Netflix interview of Jay Z, in which David Letterman, host of the new show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, brought up the effect of the post 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump. Now whether you like him as a gifted artist or a successful business man, Sean Carter’s speaking the truth about the current racial climate within the United States.

Because not only does the entire world see the reality of the USA and all of her xenophobic flaws but how much the populace has willingly divided itself. As for mentioned in past articles, I’m a Conservative Independent voter who tries to remain objective in electing a politician.

Now let’s talk about Jigga’s response to how the 45th man to sit in the Oval Office can be not just a great opportunity for the masses to come together to engage in a “discussion” on race and poverty but a financial blessing in disguise.

I call it The Trump effect.

I’m glad the former reality star’s POTUS. Yeah, I said it.

Although he didn’t get my vote, he pleasantly surprised me with his recent promise to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D) about allowing states that have legalized marijuana to do what they will without federal interference.

Likewise, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) is just as eager to stop c*ck-blocking any more of Trump’s nominees to the U.S. Department of Justice if he guarantees to keep Colorado’s Mary Jane industry out of its crosshairs.

Ironically, with all of the heavy resistance from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whoever dreamed that his boss, the Tweeter-in-Chief, would be the one person to actually green light States to govern themselves without executive oversight? That’s cool af.

Perhaps there’s hope for us yet

Yes, so now even we common citizens can take advantage of something else besides free coffee at the local Starbucks due to a store manager booting out a couple of Brothers via the Police. Ouch!

What? Too soon?

Anyway, I digress. Time to get back to cannabis, the other legal stimulant.

Now ever since January 1st, 2018, the day California fully legalized marijuana, I’m even more optimistic about our economic future than ever. I just want Trump to stick to his word about staying out of States’ business but would really love for him to get with Congress to permanently remove marijuana from Scheduled I of the Controlled Substances Act; therefore, making a clear path for weed stocks to eventually blow up.

A Domino Effect

Relaxed federal regulations on this medicinal plant would be key.

Then everybody else will fall in line as well as with this newest cash cow. Banks within the United States will finally relax its fear-based policy on not authorizing legal dope dealers to open a business account.

Something the bankers in Canada have been doing for a while now along with heavy Chinese investment. This would make America great again. No pun intended.

See, my takeaway from Carter and Letterman’s conversation is for us Black men to stop shaking our heads, and start investing in the stock market. I prefer penny stocks, weed stocks, to be exact.

Yeah, I purposely buried the lead on this blog. Guess I’m in a longwinded mood today, quietly and soberly celebrating 420 Day in my own way.

And just in case anyone here cares, no, I’ve never toked. Don’t really plan on doing it in the future either.

I’ve never judge those who do indulge. It’s their bodies and business, not mine.

Weed Stocks to Consider

However, I have invested in it and look forward to one day reaping the benefits. Some of my favorite stock picks—both American common and penny as well as Canadian and Chinese:

  • CIIX
  • PURA
  • USMJ
  • ALYI
  • MJNA
  • CVSI
  • SING
  • MCOA
  • ERBB

I’m neither a certified financial advisor nor a cash-only fortune teller. However, I am a realist. This is more than just a trend. It’s an opportunity.

Another viable option to add to our ever growing repertoire of streams of income. A chance to optimize our portfolio and financially blow up.

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