The Veteran Concept

Welcome, reader, to another milestone in our “Concept” series. Another breath of fresh air for every fighting man. Because what is this life, but a drawn out fight. And in this fight only the strong survive. With our series of “concepts” we aim to strengthen your mind with fresh insights, fresh viewpoints on life. They are the rational thoughts and the truths that every man deserves to know and experience.
In our latest installment in this series, we’re talking about scars. About veterans and warriors. Hard knocks and getting back up after you’ve fallen down. We’re talking about no surrender.
Why are difficulties in life so important for a man? Why is a life of leisure and comfort sometimes so wrong? Why do you need to get out there in the big wide world, and learn shit the hard way? Because what doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger. Read on as we discuss the importance of battle scars, in our Veteran concept.

Lived to Tell the Tale
Life of comfort and leisure is dull. It is looked down upon. If you ever stopped and thought how you got the short end of the stick, and lived a life of struggle, hardship and sacrifices, where you need to fight for your money, success and your place in the world – then think again. You didn’t get the short end of the stick. You’ve been blessed.
Because life is full of insights, full of truths and rewards – but most of them are hard earned. To live a life to the fullest you will need to earn. Earn respect, earn gratitude, earn your bread and earn trust. None of these come easily. Many of the life’s aspects will require a sacrifice, you’ll need to make one along the way. But that’s just another scar to add to the collection.
A respected man is always a man who has been through a lot, getting from rags to riches and earning his place in society. Because success and respect never fall from the sky. Take a metaphorical example: bodybuilding. A bodybuilder dedicates years of hard work, sweat and pain, in order to achieve his result – a perfected body. He is admired, respected and successful. But getting to that stage took years of work and a lot of sacrificing. The same principle applies to life in general.

The School of Hard Knocks
There’s a saying, and the one we always keep in mind: “Every lesson is paid for.” This means that to learn a valuable lesson in life, you’ll need to pay the price beforehand. In simpler terms, you’ll need to fall flat on your face, in order to learn how to walk properly. This method is same and tested in every aspect of modern life.  Here’s a simple question: How did you reach the Manosphere? Probably because you tasted the bitterness of life’s hard lessons.  You want to learn from them. But that is a great thing. The school of hard knocks is the best school.
Apply this to every bit of your life. To achieve wealth and success, you might need to go through a few years of hardship, hard work and investment. But when you reach your goal, you will feel the sweetness of success.

The Veteran concept is simple and straightforward. Why did we choose the term Veteran? Think of it like this. A warrior always has to start somewhere. But he fights. A veteran is a warrior with many battles in his past. And from each one he brought a scar and a lesson learned. And that is why he is a skilled warrior – a victor. He never gave up.

Our latest concept glorifies pain. It is the best teacher. Never be afraid to try, to fail, to get hurt. That’s learning. And when you do fall down, just get back up and shrug it off. Next time you won’t fall so easily. That’s what sets you apart from other men. You are a warrior.
Do you have any wishes, any concept ideas that you’d like to see discussed here on Negromanosphere? If so, leave a comment below with your wishes and suggestions. We’d love to read them!

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