The Word “Simp” Has Been Thrown Around Too Much

We know the word “Simp.”   The original meaning of the word Simp was essentially the opposite of being a Pimp.   The Pimp, of course, is seen as the highest level of this thing of ours we call game.   The Pimp is the man who controls women and have these same women support his lifestyle.   Women worship the Pimp.  Many men strive to reach that level.  Then you have the Simp.

The technical definition of a Simp according to the Urban Dictionary is, “A man that puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women in hopes of winning them over, without the female bringing anything to the table.”   It’s a simple concept to understand.   A Simp puts himself in a subservient position to a woman to win her over.   In doing so he doesn’t require her to do anything.   Let me share an example.

A hypothetical man named Fred meets a hypothetical woman named Ethel.   Old heads may catch the reference.   When Fred meets her he immediately does things to give her the idea that he will allow her to lead their relationship.  Ethel decides where to go on dates, what things will be brought up in conversation, and the general direction of the relationship.   Fred is following Ethel.   It can be like a mother/son relationship.    That’s simping in a nutshell.   The problem is that many men have expanded the meaning of this term.

In general a man who gets along with women in a positive way can be called a Simp these days.   Many players are called Simps by their detractors.   Many men may be called Simps for simply saying, “All women aren’t that bad.”   The issue isn’t so much that men who are far from Simps are called Simps.    The issue is the men doing the labeling.

There is a growing group of men who for lack of a better term can be called, “The He-Man Woman Haters Club.”   These men are non-select men, or for those who use the term, Omega Males, who have had many negative experiences with women.    Yet the same men will put on a macho façade as if they are the Alpha Males.   The narrative they present is that as “Alpha Males” they don’t show any love to women.  These men will see even a man who is a happy marriage as a Simp.    Their “logic” is that only a Simp would get married.   The real issue is that the men who throw around the word “Simp” are likely projecting.

Understand one thing.  Most men will never see both sides of the game.   There are men who have women who are subservient and men who are subservient to women.  Sometimes the subservience comes through how these men had to get women.   Since these men are usually non-select omegas the ONLY way they could get women was to spend money and not do anything to rock the boat.   They were truly simping.   Now understand the other side.

The select men, the Alphas, don’t have to act subservient to a woman.   Indeed the very nature of being Alpha means the women were the subservient ones.   Women try to please the top men.   The issue is that the non-select men have no concept of this so they ASSUME that these men are doing the same things they are doing but being more successful at it.    The non-select men don’t understand the nature of an Alpha being nice to a woman.  Let me explain.

The true Alpha is nice to women the same way a King is kind to his subjects.  It’s that simple.   A true leader doesn’t need to beat his followers down.   It’s easy for an Alpha to call women queens because they are sucking his dick and supporting him in other ways.   If anything the Alpha is Pimping and not Simping.   Many men need to understand that.

Men need to cut back on throwing the word “Simp” around.   We also need to stop allowing bottom feeders to define the conversation.

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