Why Do Thirsty Black Men Worship Fat Black Women On Facebook?

Fat Black Women

I remember when Facebook first started a few years ago. As a junior at Howard University in 2003, I was required to have an university email to be apart of the site. However, in order to evolve the site, Facebook allowed low seeded thirsty negro men and overweight African American Women to be apart of the largest social network in the world. As a black man, I have seen first hand the damage that ghetto black people can do to a community. However, I was not ready for the damage my eyes would see when Buffalo sized Black Women would start sharing their photos on Facebook. While I despise Obese Black Women as Jehovah Witnesses do knocking on doors, I despise thirsty Black Men even MORE! You see, it is YOU sorry ass thirsty no talent negro men who are the enablers of Black Female Buffoonery and Obesity. You Black Men would have sex with a cactus plant covered in poison ivy without a CONDOM!


Yes….REALLY! I cannot even believe this crap myself. However, I know you do not believe me without evidence so let me present to you a few exhibitions to prove my case.


Fat Black Women

As you can see, thirsty retarded ass black men gave this particular overweight and Masculine looking lady 1600 likes!



I have no fucking clue as to why they would do this. Black men continue to be the clean up men for every unwanted woman on the face of the earth. The sad part about this is black men actually give these overweight beastly looking women CONFIDENCE. These women THINK that they are attractive!

I know you probably do not feel that this was a great example of Black Men being thirsty. You are probably thinking that this particular picture was a fluke. Let me show you another example of the epitome of this thirsty negro.


Fat Black Women

Here is ANOTHER clear example of another manly looking female with crusty ass feet getting ATLEAST 4000 freaking likes on a picture!



I know brother….I know. Black men have stooped so low in society, they will accept any woman regardless of what she looks like. This points specifically to the failures of black men both economically and academically. Unlike white or Asian men, we have no control of how our Black Women portray themselves. Why? We don’t run our households. Instead of black men coming together and building up our society, we will sit here like little bitches and be dominated by overweight beastly looking women. However, the top tier of black men reject women who look like this. I AM BROKE and I STILL REJECT WOMEN WHO LOOK LIKE THIS! You sorry ass negroes need to get off of your ass, LOG OFF of FACEBOOK, stop sending penis pictures, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, and be SOMEBODY! Then, you will not be FORCED to thirst after unattractive women who are MUCH larger than you! A woman should not be bigger than a man. That is unhealthy and it is not sexy! However, Black Men have no issues with being at the bottom of the barrel at EVERYTHING!

In closing, I am so tired of you dusty low seeded negro men who make it so difficult for the brothers who are trying to bring honor and control to the black community. Without you sorry ass black men having standards, our community CANNOT RISE! GET IT TOGETHER AND STOP SIMPING OVER BLACK WOMEN WHO ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR MOMMA’S DUPLEX!!!


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