This Thing of Ours Called Game

A word that is thrown around a lot on social media is the word, “game.” The general definition of game is a strategy for dealing with women. Some men go further and define “game” as knowledge for dealing with the everyday rigors of life. Ultimately game is whatever any individual man wants it to mean. I would like to offer my take on this thing of ours called Game. Some may agree with my take on this issue. Others may disagree. That’s cool. I think there is a whole lot of room for discussion.

I look at it from the perspective of why game exists to begin with. I look at it more as a sexual dynamic as opposed to a life dynamic. Simply put many men need Game in order to have sex. To understand Game as a sexual dynamic one needs to accept a reality. That reality is that collectively women are only NATURALLY attracted to a small percentage of men. Studies have shown that only 40 percent of men will pass their genes into the future, i.e. have children. The corresponding number for women is 80 percent. Through academic studies and plain observation we see the dynamic of women only having a NATURAL attraction for a few men. Game is not for these men. These men, because of physical markers such as height and body build, simply need to be available as women will simply throw themselves at them. No these men don’t need Game.

Game is needed for those men who may not have hit the genetic lottery. Essentially 95 percent of the human male population. Game then becomes whatever strategy a man has to use to SEXUALLY arouse a woman. That’s it. The thing with Game is that there is no one size fits all with the types of game. Every man must find what works for him and use it. The key for it to effective is that it MUST turn on the woman.

The most common game is simply using money and I don’t mean paying for sex. Women in general look for security from men. Yes some will look for a good looking man but when it comes to long term, that good looking man doesn’t serve a purpose if he can’t keep the bills paid. A man using this type of game is showing the woman that she can have a life where at least basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter are met. Not just met but abundantly so. Many men will use the appearance of resources to convince a woman to sleep with him.

Another game is the infamous “mouthpiece.” This means that the man can have a conversation with the woman which can sexually arouse her. Two types of convos arouse a woman. One type is where the man is able to make the woman laugh. Laughter actually turns many women on. An ugly comedian stays up to his neck in pussy. Another type of convo is one where a man is able to connect to a woman emotionally through conversation. If a man can penetrate a woman’s emotional core her panties will drop.

Many men who may not be blessed in the looks department may develop a personal clothing style. Women are way more visual than they are given credit for. A man may not be 6’4” and may not have movie star looks but a nice suit and shined shoes will draw female attention.

In my opinion the best game for a man is to simply be good in bed. When women go for men who are tall, dark, and handsome they are not really looking for those particular traits. They are looking more for the promise of gratification they think those traits will bring. If a more average man can gratify a woman sexually that’s the best game of all. A woman’s bottom line is sexual satisfaction.

At the end this thing of ours called Game is about the ability of a man to turn a woman on sexually when he might not be able to do so through his physical appearance. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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