Thot tries to twerk for DJ Khaled on IG live, Khaled shuts her down brutally

Despite having numerous semi-naked women dancing in most of his videos, DJ Khaled is not down with the IG thotting and tweking. The DJ/producer is NOT a single man and he had to enforce that to one thotty who tried to ambush him with a live twerking session on Instagram. Khaled shut that down quickly while reminding everyone that he is a father and a family man and not a thot supporter.

Long story short, our guy went live on Instagram over the weekend, and like every pop star who tries to interact with the fans, Khaled invited some folks in the comments to hop on and join his sesh for a one-on-one chat. Things had a quick turn soon when one thotty asked to join the artist’s live session.

After accepting her request to chat, he almost immediately regretted it because the thotty was half-naked and VERY prepared to twerk for Khaled on camera even if no one asked for it. You gotta feel for the guy, because as he was desperately trying to tell her to chill, that he’s got a family, that he loves all his fans, the chick went on and on with the twerking session which no one requested. At first, Khaled expected her to STOP because she was clearly embarrassing him.

That didn’t deter the determined dancer and she kept at it. Things went on when she even started pouring water on herself. Khaled had had enough after this happened, and he ended the chat with a sorrow taste in his mouth. He wrote of the interaction, “I have love for everyone please take it easy when I’m on fan luv ig luv. Again I have love for everyone please lets be respectful nothing but love BLESS UP!”

Any thoughts on this situation? Hit the comment section and tell us what you feel about it. Hopefully, DJ Khaled is not in trouble and his wife will find the whole thing funny. Good luck, Khaled!

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