Three Things to Get a Woman

I was speaking with a young man a few weeks ago.   Usually if I’m having a conversation with a young man it’s about women, sports, or making it in life in general.   We were talking about women.  Now this young had an uncle who was a player.  His uncle told him that a man only needs three things to get a woman.   The man needs to be fine.  The man needs to give the woman attention.  The man needs to give good sex.

I laughed because the uncle’s statement explained the game in a nutshell.   Now I know many men will think it’s more complicated and yes there are nuances.   Sometimes though it helps to break something down to its basics.   For example the essence of the game of basketball can be explained as putting the ball into the hoop and preventing the other team from doing the same thing.    Sometimes it helps to see things in such a manner.   It’s the same thing in the game of man getting women.

First of all a man needs to be fine.   Fine generally means good looking.   An issue there is that many men don’t think they are good looking to most women.   They are usually thinking in terms of their facial features.   Men have to realize a couple of things with this.  One, different women have different tastes.  What’s good looking to one woman is ugly to another woman.   Two, all women don’t want a good looking man.   Most women don’t want a man that looks better than they do.   A woman simply has to be comfortable with looking at a man.

The word fine encompasses more than the face though.   A woman is looking at the man’s entire visual presentation.   She is looking at his face, his body, and his clothing style.   She is also looking at his body language.   All of this creates an aura which serves as the lure for a woman.   Women are drawn to a man for his physical appearance.  It is said that women know within a few seconds if they will have sex with a man.   They can only go off a man’s appearance in those first few seconds.    Thus being “fine” is a key piece.

The second thing is giving women attention.   It amazing how many men can know this aspect and still don’t know how to effectively give women attention.   A man has to give women attention like a drug dealer gives samples of his product.    Some men give a woman too much attention.   They like every picture she has on social media and co-sign every comment she makes.   He’s giving her too much attention and comes off as thirsty.   Some men don’t give any at all thinking the woman should chase them.  Sorry Charlie, even the best players have to give women some attention.  The key is to give women enough attention for them to want more.

The third and main thing is for men to give good sex.  Indeed a big reason players get attention from multiple women is because they LOOK like they would be good in bed.   One thing that many men don’t get is that when women judge men there is always a sexual dynamic.   If a woman is hiring a man to paint her house there is a sexual dynamic.  If a woman is hiring a man to work for a business there is a sexual dynamic.   Women think with their wombs more than men realize or want to acknowledge.   When women choose a man in the first few seconds it’s about sex.

Be fine, give attention, and be good in bed.   Women really are not that complicated.


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