Through Thorns to the Stars – Don’t Give Up

There comes a period in our lives, when the dark clouds gather overhead and nothing seems easy any longer. Walls close in on us, hardships keep mounting and we find it easy to lose our resolve and our motivation. Whether it’s a terrible job, low income, debts or social issues, these can happen to any of us, and they probably have at one time.
But here at Negromanosphere we’re ready to offer a helping hand, or in our case, a helping written word, to let you know that you’re not alone in this fight of yours, and that all the hardships will be worth it in the end.
“Worth it?” you might ask yourself. “How in the hell can this shit be worth it?” Well, reader, we’ll explain in just a moment. We’d also like to remind you of the little “motto” of ours that we mentioned many times before, and that is the fact that nothing worthwhile and rewarding in this life comes freely. You need to fight for it. And to fight often means to suffer. But, hey! What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right?

The Mark of a Fighter
Quitting is easy. Saying that you can’t do it takes only a second. And that’s it. You’re back on your merry way, none the wiser, none the richer, and none the improved. You quit. But what would happen if you bit the bullet and stuck through it? What would happen if you would take a stand and plunge headfirst into the hardships, trying to fight through them?
We can guarantee that you would reach the light that hides behind that dark time, and that light is a very valuable reward. It is self improvement, refinement and a sharper, clearer outlook at the world.
The main helping hand through any hard period is a clear idea of your future. You need to have a motivation and a long term goal in your future, to which you will strive through any difficulty. You’d be surprised how much more bearable are hardships when you got a reason to work for.

Per Aspera Ad Astra
The old proverb goes like this: “Per Aspera ad Astra” – “Through Hardships to the Stars”, and we find it very fitting. This proverb serves as a great motivator and a perfect example of the end reward that makes the fight worth it in the end.
Fight! A man is destined to fight in this world, to wrestle life and reach the things he deserves to have. A floater deserves the crumbs – but the fighter deserves the finest fruits. And only you dictate what these fruits are. Wealth? Power? Influence? Family? Whatever your goal in life, whatever your long term plan, remember that you will need to fight for it. Unless you’re some aristocrat or royalty, these dreams and wishes won’t fall from the sky on their own. They need to be earned.
A good mindset to undertake is that simply is no giving up. It is not an option. And often, you’d be surprised at the result of that decision. If at first your job seems like shit, but you stick to it for a while, you can possibly earn a better position. And after that a one even better. And a better salary, etc. Rewards are the many possibilities that will open up to those who fight. For after all, isn’t the spirit of the fight the true masculine trait? And in the end, is it not true that only the strong will succeed?

This life is full of uncertainties, and full of toil. Some call it the grind, others call it a necessity, no matter what you’re grinding for. You can grind for knowledge, for money, for influence – but make no mistake, it won’t be easy. Some of us, the author included, spent many years of our lives doing the hardest grind imaginable, and now we’re reaping the rewards that came after it. Why? Because we fought. And the fight only made us harder.
What are you grinding for? And was your fight worth it? Your comments are needed and appreciated. Write below with your own tips and insights for the other readers. And until the next time – Keep Conquering!

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