Time to Ante Up

Holding the Biden Administration's Feet to the Fire

Biden better keep his promise to address the Contract With Black America

Holding Joseph Biden Administration’s Feet to the Fire must be Black Americans’ first priority on day one of the newly-elected 46th President of the United States. So, yeah, on January 20, 2021, he’ll have to ante up, keeping his promise to properly address the Contract With Black America (CWBA).

See, when this lifelong career politician told Ice Cube, the co-creator of CWBA, that he’d talk about it after the presidential election, he agreed. However, that didn’t stop the rapper-actor, business man from taking his plan across the political street for Donald Trump’s Administration to take a look at it.

And that’s exactly what Trump did with a promise of tangibles, if reelected for another four-year term. Whereas Biden simply hadn’t.

Well, Trump lost and Biden won. Now let’s see if the victor keeps his word.

Time to Ante Up

Remember, Black citizens are part of the 76 million (and still growing) voters whom put Biden into the Oval Office. Best believe, this man will have to take the CWBA seriously or he’ll probably be a one-term president.

Moreover, the Black men of America aren’t going to fall for the okie doke of being lumped in with “people of color,” and/or “minorities.” Likewise, parading Kamela Harris, the new vice-president elect, as a so-called “woman of color,” like a good luck charm won’t cut it either.

At least 91 percent of Black women voted for Biden because of Harris riding his Democratic ticket. Conversely, an estimated 20 percent of Black men cast ballots for Trump.

Why? Okay, I’ll tell you why.

Collectively, Black men of America are dead serious about improving the current condition of the Black community. Empty campaign promises won’t cut it anymore.

Furthermore, to paraphrase Ice Cube, regardless of whomever won this presidential election, the Black people of these United States (nowadays, it’s more divided) of America whom support CWBA are expecting the new POTUS to step up and put it into policy via Congress. A written Black agenda’s sitting on Biden’s desk, and the millions of Blacks whom voted for him should keep the pressure on until there’s a Black New Deal.

Tangibles, not just empty words

Again, tangibles have to be on the table. If Trump can offer a Platinum Plan while still accepting the CWBA, then Biden can stand tall for the people whom recently elected him into the White House.

So, Joe, just know that singing and dancing in Black churches won’t get you very far in the coming years. Many are waking up to the dream America’s been selling, and won’t be foolish enough to fall back asleep.

See, the days of a sitting POTUS reading a lame apology for slavery or the wrongful death of another Black citizen, shot in the back multiple times from police, from a teleprompter are over. Black people backing the CWBA are no longer accepting empty words but rather something real that can truly benefit for future generations.

Biden’s Administration needs to know that Black folks are tax payers, too. Yes, many of us are small business owners, professional and blue collar workers as well as military veterans whom have served honorably whom continue to contribute to this country. 

Newsflash Democratic Party: taking our vote for granted is also a thing of the past. Although you’ve won this election, just know that if you don’t come through, it’s no thing to go our own way to either another political party or establishing an independent Black Party.

So, Brothers, until next time, stay strong, watch your six, and don’t let anybody ph*ck with you!

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