Too Many Young Black Men Are Out of Shape

People who follow me on social media know I love working out at the gym.  Indeed on YouTube I will do many car videos while driving from the gym.  To be clear even though I tout the body as the primary way to turn on woman sexually that’s not the major reason I work out.  In my family there is a history of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.   Even though there was a brief period where I was blessed by prosperity and was eating a little more than I needed to, in general I stay in good shape just to stay healthy.    We need more Black men particularly young Black men to feel the same way.

            Many men who are distractors of Black women and their behavior will point out that obesity rate for Black women is roughly 80 percent.   What’s not talked about is that the obesity rate for American Black men is roughly 70 percent.  Whatever gap may have existed is slowly being closed.   Many brothas need to be hitting the gym as well.

            Now if most of the men in that 70 percent range were older men the obesity rate would be understandable.   As men age, they gradually lose testosterone which makes it harder to keep extra weight off.  Older men have to engage in more resistance training as they age to keep their testosterone levels up.   That’s to be expected.  The problem is when younger Black men are becoming more obese.

            To be fair this is a problem in American society for all young men.  The reasons for this are complex ranging from fewer young men playing sports, to chemicals put into foods, to young men being sedentary to the point that they don’t go outside like they once did maybe even twenty years ago.    This situation is especially critical for young Black men. 

            Black men typically rank last across the board in terms of health.   I mentioned that in my family there is a history of Diabetes and High Blood pressure.   These two diseases are a silent killer of all Black men.   There are also mental health issues that must be addressed but that requires more ink than an article on a popular blog.  

            Young Black men need to be concerned about their health because quite frankly if they are having health problems in their twenties what will happen when these men reach their fifties?   Will they be able to take care of themselves?   Will there be somebody around to take care of them?   This leads to another issue.   Will they be able to attract someone to take care of them?

            Though many in the Black community talk about the concept of game and what it takes to attract a mate one of the main factors is the physical body.   An in-shape Black man is desirable to women all over the world.  What about an out-of-shape Black man?  Not so much even if that man has money and can dress well.  

            Ultimately romantic relationships lead to sex.   A woman has to want to see a man naked.   If a young Black man is out of shape this hurts his chances of mating with an attractive woman.   This in turn can have profound effects on his mental health and possibly his physical health.  There is not enough discussion on the connection between mental health and physical health.  Once again a subject for another day.

            Being out of shape can also affect a young Black man’s work options.  Though automation is becoming more the norm there are still many work positions that require a man has some level of stamina whether doing construction or standing up all day in retail.  

            Young Black men need to take better care of themselves.

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