Top 10 Jordan Brand sneakers

People have always been crazy about fashion items and sneakers are not an exception. The best example for this category would be the Jordan-Nike collaboration that is one of the most sought out “vanity item” on the market. Its multiple colorways, awesome designs and very high quality manufacturing has made the brand so popular that it releases new sneakers or new models for older versions almost every weekend. Here are ten of the best Jordan brand sneakers.

• Jordan 5
It first appeared in 1990 and they were well received. The model has its infamous “shark-teeth” that do not appear on the Supreme collaboration. This one has “94” written on it instead of “23” and has more details on it than the original model.

• Jordan 10
This line arrived as a tribute while Jordan was retired for the first time and its a more lightweight shoe. Its had many colorways that are great because the model sufferred some changes along the years. Even Drake has a collaboration for a Jordan 10 OVO shoe.

• Jordan 11
While Jordan didn’t always care about the model of the sneaker, for this one he was really excited. He even wore them in the movie “Space Jam” and it is arguably one of the most popular shoe, respected and sought by sneaker collectors.

• Jordan 12
This premium leather sneaker has a very well done design and the traditional Air Jordan color scheme is on point. The premium editions for this sneaker are also very well executed and the “taxi” colorway is a must for this model.

• Jordan 4
Originally appeared in 1989 in only 4 colorways, this sneaker is a prime example of performance and style either on the court of basketball or not. The pair has some of the best colorways in the series and it really matches and pair of jeans or any style.

• Any Jordan Oregon collaboration you can get your hands on
Some of the best colorways and designs are definitely on any Oregon model from the Jordan collections. Unfortunately, due to its fame, this pair of sneakers has rare releases and is very highly valued which makes it a very sought out item.

• Jordan 1
A sneaker that made history with is “banned” black/red colorway that was actually banned for breaking uniform regulations. Nike paid 5000$ for every match where Jordan wore this pair. It has been released a few times over the years with the latest being September 2016.

• Jordan 6
This sneaker was worn by Michael Jordan when he completed his second MVP season. The shoe has a large variety of colorways to choose from and a very interesting “silhouette”.”Infrared” and “Olympic” are the most popular colorways for the model.

• Jordan 3
It was 1988 when they released the shoe that made history by debuting what is arguably the most recognizable logo in history, the “Jumpman”. It is also the first Air Jordan to have the “Visible Air” technology from Nike.

• Jordan 9
The first signature sneaker Jordan that Michael would end not wearing on the court even if it one of the best-fitting pair of Jordans ever. It was released after his sudden retirement before the 93-94 season and didn’t really get to the public. Later on, with retro releases and new colorways, the model received lots of attention.

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