Top 10 thickest female celebrities right now

Thick Female Celebrities

In the past few years we have seen a rise in the numbers and popularity of thick bodies. From Nicki Minaj to Kim Kardashian, it seems curves are becoming more and more popular and this competition can only create pleasure for the eye. Here are 10 of the thickest female celebrities in the business right now.

• Kim Kardashian

The number 1 spot goes to the most famous behind in the industry. After two pregnancies, Kim still looks stunning. And if that’s not enough, she is as rich as she can be and she does not plan on stopping. Now this is a real MILF.

• Amber Rose

This beauty has her way of driving rappers mad. She has one of the best booties in the business and from Kanye to Wiz and inbetween, I’m sure everyone agrees. And she just started building her Empire…

• Beyonce

Although she has reached quite a respectable age, her body seems to forget that. Definitely one of the hottest women in the world, multiple million making a year and she has that “je ne sais quoi” hard-to-get attitude. What could you possibly want more?

• Nicki Minaj

Haters gonna hate, that seems to be the motto after which Nicki guides her life. She is the Queen of Rap at least at the moment, one of the biggest hustlers in the game and she is absolutely stunning despite people always discussing the realness of her forms.

• Rihanna

The Barbados beauty is the perfect example of Drake in the female version. She smashes rappers and then she dissmisses them while also playing that “hard to get” attitude. She is thick, exotic and has one of the best voices in the business.

• Kylie Jenner

The youngest on this list is none other than the newest famous addition to the Kardashian family that’s making waves on social media. Even if she is really young, Kylie already has a body worth watching complemented with some juicy lips and her money making habits.

• Jennifer Lopez

People tend to look more ugly as time passes by but this is not the case for Jennifer Lopez. She is nearing the 50 years mark but she only seems to get hotter and hotter. Her smile was always a thing to remember and her great attitude make her one of the most watched celebrity for years to come.

• Mariah Carey

Another beauty approaching the 50 years mark but only on papers. On the outside I’m pretty sure no one would give her 50 years. Her attitude might be a little problem as she seems to make billionaires recheck their accounts but that can only be taken as challeng, for a Diva of such stature

• Serena Williams

Who wouldn’t like a naturally tonified body that is constantly in shape? Serena is one example of flexibility and her accomplishments in the sports world and her strong personality definitely make her a tough challenge for any man.

• Remy Ma

After she returned home from her prison visit, Remy Ma took the game by storm again and she is winning on every side. Besides hitting the top of the charts again, she is looking better than ever.

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