The Top 3 Dumbest Contradictions Men Express About Women

Some men believe that women deserve the vast majority of the blame for the decline in marriages and long-term monogamous relationships. Is this valid? Or not?

If there is one type of man that the Internet – and more specifically, social media and what is now known as ‘The Manosphere’ – has revealed and exposed, is the man whose mind and behavior is full of many blatant contradictions and several instances of hypocritical beliefs.

In this article, I am going to highlight at least three of the major contradictory statements expressed by many single heterosexual men via social media.


Harsh criticism: “Too many women are materialistic gold diggers!! No man should have to spend money on a woman for sex!”

Contradictory statement or behavior: Many of the same men who criticize women for exhibiting the behavior of a ‘materialistic gold digger’ will endorse or condone men spending money on women to get them in bed (i.e., “tricking” and/or “winning & dining”)

Key Question: How can women validly be accused of being “materialistic” unless there are a high number of men who consistently offer women financial assistance, financial support, financial compensation, and/or materialistic gifts in exchange for many women’s romantic and sexual companionship?

Comment: Members of my own gender crack me up. They can be so blatantly contradictory, inconsistent, and hypocritical at times.

It is highly amusing to read comments from men on various social media sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et al) blasting women for being “gold diggers,” yet a good number of these same men will turn right around and endorse the idea of offering women money and/or materialistic gifts in exchange for a woman’s short-term or long-term sexual companionship.

The simple reality is, if there were no men in society looking to “purchase” a woman’s short-term or long-term sexual companionship for the purpose of satisfying their own sexual needs and urges, there would be no such thing as a “materialistic gold digger” type. Men are the only ones who can open the door and enable a woman to become a highly manipulative and extremely materialistic gold digger with men. Most men want to date or engage in casual sex with women who are generally considered “out of their league,” and money and material possessions are what most men believe accomplishes this objective.


Harsh criticism: “All women are emotional when it comes to sex with men. Women are not designed to have two or more (male) sex partners at the same time because they will become emotionally attached to all of them!!”

Contradictory statement or behavior: Many of the same men who criticize women for ‘catching feelings’ after engaging in sexual activities multiple times with a chosen sex partner will also turn around and refer to women as “heartless bitches” and “cold-blooded and calculating manipulators”

Key Question: How can women simultaneously be accused of being “overly emotional” when it comes to sex, but also be criticized by many men for being “conniving,” “duplicitous,” “heartless,” “inconsiderate,” “mean-spirited,” or “shrewd?”

Comment: Daniel Bergner, Author of the best-selling book, What Do Women Want? mentions in his book that some men believe that women have certain “natural attributes” because they want to believe that women have these very attributes. Bergner suggests that this makes many men “sleep better at night.”

To examples of this would be 1) men’s invalid belief that women are “naturally more monogamy-oriented than men are,” and 2) men’s invalid belief that all women tend to very frequently “catch feelings” (i.e., become emotionally attached to a man) if they engage in sexual activities with a man two or more times.

The simple reality is, there are some men who will become emotionally attached to a beautiful, sexy woman within a matter of days after meeting them (many times, even if sex has not yet taken place between him and the woman). It is documented that there are more men who stalk women after sex has taken place than there are women who stalk men after sex has taken place (according to statistics, only 1 out of every 45 men are stalked by a current or former female sexual lover, while 1 out of every 12 women is stalked by a current or former male sexual lover). So, given these statistics, which gender is really more guilty of becoming ’emotionally attached’ to a current or former sexual lover?


Harsh criticism: “Too many women in today’s dating scene are highly promiscuous sluts!! Very few if any of them are long-term girlfriend or wifey material!”

Contradictory statement or behavior: Many of the same men who criticize women for exhibiting the behavior of a ‘highly promiscuous slut’ will spend money on Pickup Artist (PUA) bootcamps or “How to get a woman in bed without being her boyfriend or husband” type books, CDs, DVDs, and workshops

Key Question: How can women engage in sex with a man who is not their husband, fiancé, or long-term boyfriend unless there are men who do not fall into one of those three categories offering them one-time or on-going sexual companionship?

Comment: Men are extremely hypocritical when it comes to the issue of women indulging in promiscuous behavior (i.e., short-term non-monogamous sexual relationships) and/or polyamorous behavior (i.e., long-term non-monogamous sexual relationships).

Many men want the freedom to “sow their wild oats” prior to settling down with a woman who they feel is “The One” for marriage, but they heavily frown on the idea of women doing the exact same thing.

The simple reality is, if all men were willing to only engage in sexual activities with a woman who was their wife, fiancée, or long-term girlfriend, there would be no such thing as a promiscuous woman. In other words, the only way a woman can truly be promiscuous is if she is invited to engage in sexual activities by a man who has no problem exchanging orgasms with a woman with a reputation for being promiscuous and/or polyamorous.

Men need to just confess that they do not really despise women who are promiscuous and/or polyamorous. Men’s real issue is that they heavily fear being in a situation where they have allowed themselves to develop a strong emotional attachment to a woman and have allowed themselves to enter into a long-term strictly monogamous relationship or marriage with a woman who may just happened to have a promiscuous past that they knew nothing about until years into the relationship or marriage.


There is an adage that says, “Judge not, that you be not judged yourself.” No man should be passing judgement on the seemingly “questionable” choices and decisions made by women regarding their sex life if the man passing judgment is by no means operating on moral high ground himself.

Plain and simple, being a blatant hypocrite is never a good look for any man (or woman for that matter).

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