Top 5 alt coins for 2018

After taking us by surprise in 2017 when the marketcap reached a new all-time high, cryptocurrencies are here to stay so might as well invest in them to get some easy money.

Here are my top 5 alt coins for 2018 that are still under the radar as of right now.

5) Tron (TRX)

No, not the movie Tron but the cryptocoin! With the development team getting ready to reduce the coin circulation, TRX is still a good opportunity for investment while it’s currently priced at $0.170129 USD on

The community is confident in Tron making some rapid gains this year after Justin Sun and the team behind TRX revealed that they are deeply connected with big players in China that are interested in blockchain technology, Alibaba being the most prominent one.

You can still buy Tron (TRX) at a good price on using Bitcoin or Ethereum.

4) Verge (XVG)

Currently priced at $0.180701 USD on, Verge already has a lot of supporters that consider themselves proud investors of a good privacy coin. Even if privacy is nothing new in the crypto world, Verge aims to reach the level of total anonymity with Sunerok, the main developer, making a solid promise that their technology will ultimately break into the mass market.  

Inside rumors say that privacy coins will benefit from a huge boom in 2018 so better jump on board while there’s still time! You can buy Verge (XVG) and withdrawal it to your personal wallet on using Bitcoin or Ethereum.


PACCOIN became known after John McAfee advertised it on Twitter as being a potential crypto whale in the next few months. After that episode took place, the PACCOIN doubled in price each and every single day that passed by.

Currently priced at $0.000228 USD on , PAC still has HUGE room for improvement and according to the online community this will happen due to the potent development team behind it. Their website is currently flooded with orders so basically the only place to get yourself some  PACs is on by exchanging other coins.

2) Cardano (ADA)

Cardano stands as solid as they come. The coin has already managed to pass the $1 USD cap while everyone sees them as one of the top winners of 2018. The team behind Cardano is made up with academics and top coders with their product promising to change the digital funds trading market.

They already released a wallet that is soon project to be an universal cryptocurrency wallet so Cardano is set to make some major moves this year. You can get ADA coins on by trading Bitcoin or Ethereum.

1) Ripple (XRP)

The “banker’s” coin made one of the most rapid gains this year by reaching the all time high of $3.84 on this week. That’s a huge surprise considering that no one gave this coin a chance after it struggled somewhere between the $.10 and $.20 line for months.

Things came to change in December 2017 when the coin experienced a 1000% increase and everyone went wild. The team behind XRP is solid and they plan on revolutionizing the banking system with their product. There’s still room to get on the Ripple train with projects pointing at a minimum of a $10 USD value at the end of 2018.

You can purchase XRP on by trading Bitcoin or Ethereum.

DISCLAIMER: Invest at your own risk. Only invest capital that you are prepared to lose.



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