Top 5 custom sneakers websites

A few releases become a work of art the moment they leave the production line from the factory, but most of them are not even close to that because, let’s face it, not everyone in the sneaker industry has enough game to create memorable releases.

However, taking something that already has great potential and adding that extra touch to make it one of a kind can lead to incredible results without a doubt. This is what sneaker customization websites and their artists do, and below we managed to gather best ones in charge of this practice. If you’re looking for someone that customizes kicks, you’ll be heading for the best one in the business below.

JBF Customs

Jacob Ferrato tells us that he officially started his brand JBF Customs back in 2008 when he use to post on NikeTalk forums about painting kicks. Now, he’s one of the best artists to customize sneakers, and he’s also able to reconstruct shoes by using high quality materials.

The 8 years journey was not easy, but Jacob tells us that it was well worth it. Take a look at his gallery to find out what the man can do.

Revive Customs

Revive Customs has a habit of getting incredibly creative with their pieces. We’re not sure they’re taking any orders at this point, but the store section on their website is packed with enough heat as it is.

Van Monroe

This is the man you want to reach out to if you want to go that extra mile in customizing your favorite kicks. Van Monroe paints, holds lectures about art, does photography, videography, illustration and graphics. When it comes to sneakers he offers powerful themes to every pair that ever came out of his shop with the execution being without a doubt impeccable.

Gourmet Kickz managed to make boring sneakers into “wearable art”. All the shoes that wear the Gourmet Kickz label are created by one man, Chef Spar. Chef decided to turn his hobby into a business back in 2002, and he worked hard to become one of the best artists to do this. He definitely achieved that in our book.

Mache Customs

Dan Mache has been in the sneaker game ever since 2004 when he customized his first pair of sneakers in his grandma’s basement. Ever since he has practiced effortlessly to perfect his craft, and has managed to become one of the best artists to customize sneakers. His website will provide enough proof of his abilities in the gallery section.

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