The Black Community has historically been oppressed by White Racist Policies and propaganda. Slavery and Jim Crow Laws affected black economic and academic development in years past.  Even though blacks have been at a disadvantage, Black people are still their OWN WORSE ENEMY! The decisions that Black people make FUCK UP THEMSELVES! In other words, BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR BULLSHIT! This is not indicative of all black people. There are many black people who understand that blacks need to get themselves together INDEPENDENT of crying about white racism.   I do appreciate all the blacks in the past who have went heads over hills to build up black infrastructure. People like Booker T Washington and George Washington Carver taught African Americans the importance of building up society for themselves. However, we have a group of FUCKING IDIOTS who do not want blacks to build. INSTEAD they sit back and complain ABOUT WHAT WHITES DO TO BLACKS!

I AM A BLACK MAN! I have been a victim of white racism myself even in the state of CALIFORNIA (the most liberal piece of shit state). Do I BLAME WHITE PEOPLE FOR MY PROBLEMS despite I had a few racist experiences ??




I am accountable for MY OWN MISTAKES! If I fuck up my life, it is not the FAULT of White people. However, we have a group of FAKE ASS PRO BLACKS who are always crying “WHITE SUPREMACY!” Some of these people on this list have a EUROPEAN WEAVE Crying white supremacy!


How in the fuck can this bitch complain about white supremacy when she looks like she wants to be APART of White Supremacy?  These fake ass pro blacks are ALWAYS begging for money for lectures from black people and NEVER do anything for the Black Community. They are NO BETTER than these bitch ass black pastors who beg for money and never do shit. None of these Pro black ass holes live in black communities. With that being said, let us start the count down.




This Negro is a KNOWN LIAR and a CROOK! He was caught up lying in a stripper gate scandal last year when he got exposed for sending thirsty text messages. He also lied about being related to Frederick Douglas. Too bad the family of Frederick Douglas came out and blasted him for lying about that also. He then went on to attempt to collect money from black people to build a school for black boys. When he only received $250,000 , he went on to call black people NAMES who supported him for not giving him more.


2) Cyn G


A weave headed Youtuber who admits that she has white men paying for her weave. She hates white supremacy so much, she wants to look like it. She is another bitch asking for money from people just to use her audience. All she does is race bait but NEVER OFFERS any guidance to blacks on how they can better themselves. She NEVER makes blacks accountable for their bullshit.


3) Brother Polight



An ex crip and drug dealer, this hoe cake negro became a Pro Black Hotep Hustle. He plagiarized 80 books and resold them to make himself look like an best selling author. After making tons of money off the black community, he left Brooklyn and moved around white people in CALIFORNIA. He then talked shit about the same group of people he was living around after he got rich off of you foolish negroes.


4) Boyce Watkins



The number one gossip channel on Black Youtube. Despite having a PHD in Finance,  Dr. Watkins just reports gossip news like a female at a beauty salon. The financial education part of his podcast you must PAY FOR IT. However, he has no problem feeding you filth news for free daily. Also, he has no problems doing business with Dame Dash. Yet he calls people coons. I find that to be funny because Dame Dash promotes rappers who talks about killing, shooting, and robbing from other BLACK PEOPLE. YET, Boyce Watkins is QUIET ON THAT! He is also a HUGE SIMP FOR BLACK WOMEN.


5) Tariq Nasheed




He used to be a MACK and  A PLAYER. He even rapped about how he had hoes. Now, he is a BIG FIGURE in this pro black movement. Despite begging his fans for money for his Bull shit documentaries, Tariq ALSO never holds Blacks accountable. He even defended Umar Johnson in the wrong. WHY? Because if he blames UMAR then he must blame himself on the fuckery he pushes. Another loss for the black community!

As you know, the buffoonery remains at an ALL TIME HIGH!

As y




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